Monday, July 27, 2009

The Five Count - July 27, 2009

5. Old school interviews
WWE bringing back the 1980s/early 90s interview platform last Monday Night on Raw for the Mickie James/Miz/Maryse segment was one of those little things that shouldn't make any sort of difference, but it did. It gave the interview a whole different vibe, and Maryse "The Model" Ouellet spraying Mickie in the eyes was one of the best pieces of nostalgia I've seen from WWE in quite some time. Personally, I'd be all for WWE retiring the backstage interview altogether and doing everything on the platform near the entrance ramp. Now, if only we can get the return of wrestlers cutting promos with their logo in the background on a green screen.

4. Kozlov & Zeke
Not sure where they're going with this bizarre relationship, but whether it's a partnership or a feud, I am all about watching these guys one-up each other by tearing Local Competitor apart.

3. Evan Bourne vs. Jamie Noble
Such a simple match that proves why WWE Superstars is a good idea. If this match were on Raw or a PPV, the crowd would be dead, but thanks to Superstars, the crowd was red hot the entire time and both guys looked great throughout the contest. I doubt he'll get much out of it, but Noble proved in this one that he's definitely one of the most under-utilized talents on the roster. Evan Bourne? Awesome as always.

2. CM Punk - Jerkface Extraordinaire
A few weeks back, I put Punk on The Five Count for being a jerkface, but now he's the king of all jerkfaces. His promos the last few weeks have been absolutely infuriating and it all boiled over last night during the PPV. CM Punk blaming single parents for letting their kids cheer for Jeff Hardy? What an ass! And when he said Jack Daniel's is a gateway drug to marijuana, the crowd couldn't decide whether or not to boo him or cheer marijuana, once again proving his point.

1. Twitter hosts a Hardy Party
Okay, it's one of those things that doesn't seem like a big deal, but actually it is. Last night, "Jeff Hardy" was the first thing WWE-related to ever be on Twitter's "trending topics," he even peaked at #2 out of the top ten! It's a testament to just how popular the new World Heavyweight Champion is, he may even be eclipsing John Cena right now. Look for WWE to put this on one of their "Did You Know?" segments, and they should because it's a really cool moment for WWE and Jeff Hardy.

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  1. I don't think people boo Jeff Hardy like they apparently boo Cena.

    But Punk is just so good at antagonizing while actually saying things that people should generally follow (well, according to Reagan era drug policies I mean).