Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Five Count - July 19, 2009

Here we go, the five biggest wrestling tidbits of the week in convenient list form.

5. Rey Rey gets Ziggy wit' it. (sorry)
Not sure why I found this segment so interesting on Superstars (and for whatever reason forgot to mention it in my review), but Mysterio and Ziggler dueling on the mics got me really pumped for their match at Night of Champions. Perhaps it was because we usually don't see storylines progress like that on Superstars, but regardless of the reason, I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for us.

4. SummerSlam expands
It was announced earlier this week that WWE is going to put more of an emphasis into the SummerSlam PPV, making it the biggest show of the year aside from WrestleMania, and like I mentioned on Kick-Out!! Radio, it should've been like that the whole time. I don't know when SummerSlam became just another PPV, but making it a bigger spectacle and holding a fan Axxess convention beforehand will definitely help fix that perception.

3. Natalya wins... Fatality!
Seriously, if you didn't see Natalya decapitating Eve with that sickening clothesline on Smackdown, go to YouTube as soon as you finish reading The Five Count. Natalya is not your average Diva, and the minute they turn her loose on the women's division, some of those Barbie dolls are in for a rude awakening.

2. CM Punk vs. John Morrison
In 2007, they were putting on really good ECW Title matches; in 2009, I'm ready for them to headline SummerSlam.
These two have had plenty of good matches over the years, but to see how much they've grown as performers over the last two years is amazing. With Edge on the shelf and Jeff Hardy's contract status in question, I think it's time to really roll the dice on Smackdown and let Morrison and Punk evolve into the franchise players that they are destined to be.

1. The Red Brand goes Green.
Seth Green kicked ass Monday night and I think he really sold the guest host idea as something that can make Raw fun again. Whether it's Seth Green, ZZ Top, Dusty Rhodes or maybe even Adam Sandler, it's got people buzzing about a show that was nearly unwatchable just one month ago. The flagship brand still has its share of problems, but if they keep putting on enjoyable shows like the Seth Green edition of Raw, then I'll be glued to my television every Monday night instead of making myself watch for the sake of this website.

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  1. You were right about the clothesline. The way Eve landed was quite scary, almost up there with Evan 'My neck is made of rubber' Bourne's landing from Big Show's spear.