Thursday, July 9, 2009

ECW & Superstars Thoughts - July 9, 2009

A super-sized evening for wrestling, how'd it all play out?


Sci-Fi is now SyFy and nerds are PISSED. Why? I dunno, but they haven't been this upset since Mountain Dew became Mtn Dew.

Katie Lea Burchill vs. Nikki (?) Bella
started things off and I just have to wonder... why? Are we really going to have Diva matches on ECW when the only women on the show are The Bellas, Katie Lea and Tiffany? The Bellas pulled their ol' switcheroo tactic and picked up the win, but what relevance does that have to the show? There's no title, there's no division, and honestly, there's no point.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Yoshi Tatsu started off slow, but they gradually picked up the pace and wound up having quite an enjoyable contest. The ending sequence was really well done and I'm looking forward to seeing more out of these two. Give them a longer match and let them go all out, I think it would be very impressive.

Ezekiel Jackson is back?! Local Competitor is in big trouble! Big Zeke just demolished that guy, the clothesline was sick, the Uranage was brutal, I would be terrified to even be in the same zip code as that guy. He's freaking ginormous, hard-hitting and one of the most intimidating wrestlers I've ever seen,
if Zeke can hold his own in the ring, we're looking at a Superstar in the making.


The Abraham Washington Show returns and it's almost as painful as last week, but thankfully he had Tommy Dreamer out there to at least make it somewhat watchable. Washington is comfortable on the mic, but that's really the only good thing I can say about this talk show, everything else is just plain bad. Bad writing, bad jokes, bad idea.

Okay, explain to me why a pre-empted ECW, on the same night as Superstars, has an overrun that cuts into Superstars? My DVR cut off the recording at 8pm, leaving me without the ending to the Christian/Kozlov match! It sucked too because this was turning out to be one of the best Kozlov matches to date and I didn't get to see the damn end. Christian wins though and will go onto face Dreamer at Night of Champions, I'm certainly not going to complain about that.


Ricky Ortiz vs. R-Truth was a good, solid wrestling match. One weird thing though, one second Ortiz had pants on and the next he was in trunks, anyone else notice that? Anyway, as I said, solid match and it was nice to see two lower card guys get an ample amount of time to show off what they're capable of. Hopefully this match will calm a few Ortiz haters, as I think the guy has the tools to be a good utility player. I doubt there's a WWE Title in his future, but guys like Ortiz definitely have a purpose.

Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Reks really didn't do much for me, went on a little too long, I think. Still not sure what to think about T-Reks, he definitely got to do more this week, but I'm struggling to even come up with anything to write about the match. Still think it's unfair to judge after just two matches with the same opponent, but if Reks doesn't make some kind of splash soon, he could wind up as one of those guys that's just... there.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter, you'd think Vince McMahon came to the ring, fired Chavo Guerrero on live television, forced him to join the Kiss My Ass Club and then made him tap out to Hornswoggle. An overreaction on the internet? I'm shocked! In reality, I thought the "match" was pretty funny. Stupid, sure and probably not something that should have main evented, but it was a harmless, cute little segment. Hornswoggle hitting a suplex and Chavo running the ropes on his knees might be the funniest things I've seen on WWE TV all year. Lighten up people, it's just wrestling.

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  1. The end was all of two minutes. They must've overestimately the breaks as right on the (Central time here) 7 o'clock hour, Christian hit the Killswitch and stared at Dreamer for a minute. That was basically it.