Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Brian Kendrick Released

Read this very unfortunate news today on

"World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Raw Superstar Brian Kendrick as of today, July 30, 2009. WWE wishes Brian the best in all future endeavors."

Unfortunate, but not very surprising, I'd say the writing's been on the wall for Kendrick since his quest for a new tag partner angle was unceremoniously dropped. Probably even before that, things weren't looking too good for him on Smackdown, he hadn't done much of anything for months. I really wouldn't be so upset about this news had they not teased putting him in the main event scene after he worked the WWE Championship Scramble at last year's Unforgiven. It looked like they were getting ready to actually give him a big push, but then that was unceremoniously dropped as well.

A lot of internet rumors began floating around after that and they have continued up until his release today. As you know, it is Kick-Out!! Wrestling policy to not discuss rumors about the personal lives of wrestlers, but please don't take everything you read as fact regarding this situation. Regardless of the reason behind the release, Brian Kendrick is a phenomenal athlete and was possibly the most under-utilized performer in WWE over the last few years. A missed opportunity, but I know he'll have no trouble finding work... hopefully we'll be seeing him on HDNet in 90 days.


  1. so wwe were treating him like crap until they eventually fired him. Wondered why they let 60 year old King beat the man? Fitting. Who's next then chavo?

  2. I'm really going to miss those jackets. :(

  3. Cap'n Crunch would've been a great tag partner.

  4. One word sums this up for me. NO!

    Brian Kendrick was a phenomenal athlete, and could have been a US Title contender. Instead, WWE jobbed him out to Jerry Lawler, seemingly the staple of any cruiserweight who ends up nowhere. I hope he doesn't go to TNA.

    The Brian Kendrick, how little we knew thee...

  5. I honestly can't see him going to TNA. The roster's bloated enough as it is, Elijah Burke is coming in, Mr. Anderson is most likely coming in, wouldn't be surprised if Umaga shows up too. Kendrick would probably be even more lost in the shuffle in TNA than he was in WWE.

    Ring of Honor/Japan is where I'd place my bets, but stranger things have happened.

  6. Like I said on EWB, the WWE must be retarded if they're releasing a guy like Kendrick while allegedly wanting to add to the upper-midcard roster. Kendrick was never going to be World Champion, but his character was something new, exciting, and surprisingly ambigious. A very bad move... Just like releasing Elijah Burke actually.