Friday, June 5, 2009

Kick-Out's Superstars Thoughts - June 4, 2009

Would've had this review posted sooner, but I went out today to catch an early showing of The Hangover. As a public service to you, my wonderful reader/listener, I would like you to know that while the movie is decent, if you've seen the trailer, you've seen all the best parts. Be aware before you spend your $10. I had to see it though, there's no way Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are going to do a movie together and I'm not going to see it. Anyway... oh yeah, wrestling!

WWE Superstars kicks off with Goldswoggle taking on The Brian Kendrick and partner #3, Jamie Noble. Okay, Noble as Kendrick's partner would be brilliant, even though it seems they're not going in that direction. Great to see Noble get TV time though, and the bit where he couldn't bring himself to attack Hornswoggle was a nice touch. The match was goofy, but the crowd was into it and everyone played their part well, completely harmless fun.

Bit surprising to see Tommy Dreamer vs. David Hart Smith, I figured they'd leave Tommy's storyline alone until Sunday, but everything worked well here. Dreamer looked tough, The Hart Dynasty continued to establish themselves and Christian did a great job on commentary. It was a good way to give the Extreme Rules match just one extra push before Sunday, so no complaints here.

Chris Jericho's big-word promos are hysterical. I can just envision him traveling with a thesaurus and writing down new words while he's waiting for a flight or sitting backstage.

Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler vs. Jeff Hardy & R-Truth was an awesome main event. Both these teams worked really well together and I'd love to see more from both duos. Everything just gelled here and for a simple one-off Superstars match, it felt like a big deal - crowd was hot, all four guys put on a show, the right team went over and Truth & Ziggler got to rub elbows with top talent. Loved it.

That's three shows this week that have all had at least one great match: Kofi/MVP on Raw, Christian/Tyson Kidd on ECW and now the main event on Superstars; if WWE can keep it going through tonight's Smackdown and Extreme Rules on Sunday, we may just see the elusive Perfect Week.

Extreme Week continues tonight with the Top 10 Extreme Matches In Wrestling History, so make sure you come back to Kick-Out!! Wrestling later tonight to see the list and perhaps offer your own.


  1. I am flag the tag team match had a definitive end... I was afraid someone was going to show up and cause a DQ.

  2. Hardly seems fair that Tommy had to wrestle twice in a week and Swagger never had to wrestle at all leading up to ER. But I may be overthinking it a bit.