Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kick-Out's Smackdown Thoughts - June 6, 2009

Last week's Smackdown was a rare miss for the blue brand after being absolutely amazing since the WWE Draft went into effect. I hoped that it was just an off night and things would be back to normal for the go-home show heading into Extreme Rules... my hopes were confirmed. A lot of words can describe last night's Smackdown, but I'll go with "Wow."

The "Ladder Edition" of The Cutting Edge sounded strange, but it made sense once we saw the ringside area - it looked like a hardware store out there! Great promo from Edge and Jeff Hardy, who once again succeeded in making this match sound like a big deal. Nasty bump for Jeff when Edge shoved him off the top of the ladder though, and that's just what they're doing on Smackdown... imagine what they're going to do to get you to pay $40 for the PPV. Jeff Hardy said it's going to be a match people remember until the end of time?! I guess I'm going to have to update the Top 10 Extreme Matches in History list.

Even though they've wrestled each other in some way almost every week since the Draft, John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin continue to find a way to make their matches unique and interesting. I dare say this is their best encounter yet, and Morrison working on one leg after Benjamin targeted it the entire time added a whole new dynamic to their match. Morrison's one-legged kip-up was awesome and Benjamin's hard-hitting submission style was more of what I like to see from him. Can Benji get a win though? Morrison doesn't really have anything left to prove against this guy and it's not exactly doing Shelton any favors.

Hey, R-Truth got mic time and got to say something besides "WHAT'S UP?!" and "[insert city here] WHAT'S UP!?" Nice promo from Truth and he got the rub from interrupting Chris Jericho and getting right in his face. Simple things like this are what make the Smackdown brand so great, the interwoven storylines and feuds giving young talent a chance to lock up with established stars. The match itself was incredibly good and even though R-Truth lost after taking Jericho's midair Codebreaker, he still looked strong. I know he fell off the radar a few months into his debut, but hopefully things are getting back on track for Truth, he's an amazing talent that deserves at least an IC Title run.

Nice dive off the stage from Mysterio after the match! Oh this match on Sunday could get really crazy.

Putting CM Punk vs. Umaga on just 48 hours before the PPV seems a little odd, but I suppose it can put more heat on Sunday's match. Now both guys have a definitive win over each other, so I'm guessing Extreme Rules will be the rubber match? That said, I read a great review of this match on Twitter yesterday, "Geez Punk, save something for the PPV." Simple, but true... these two put on a hell of a show and Punk hit Umaga with the freakin' GTS! How are they possibly going to top this tomorrow night?!

Six-Diva Tag Match was what it was, but we did get a rare visit from Maria, who hasn't been at ringside for months. It's the WWE Diva Playboy Curse... once you bare it all, there's nothing left to the imagination and she doesn't exactly have the in-ring abilities of a Mickie James or Beth Phoenix to fall back on.

It's pretty amusing how no one cared about The Great Khali in the slightest when he was a main event heel, but as a midcard face, you can't help but love the guy. His gimmick is absurd and I get nervous just watching him walk, but this is the most I've ever cared about him. The Punjabi Playboy gets a decisive win over Dolph Ziggler, which I'm sure smarks are going to complain about, but I don't think it'll do much damage to Dolphy Z. And seriously, Ziggy looks more and more like the long lost lovechild of Billy Gunn & Jeff Jarrett every week.

I think I've used this word too much this week, but there's really only one way to describe Rey Mysterio vs. Edge and that is "awesome." These two always mesh well together in the ring, they single-handedly carried the main event of No Way Out back in February and I'd love to see them lock up more in the future. I know we're getting a Ladder Match on Sunday, but how about a TLC match between Mysterio and Edge? You know it would rock. Edge rightfully went over here, but Jeff Hardy's attack after the match has me rethinking my PPV predictions. Actually, a lot of the results from this show have me second-guessing myself.

Seriously WWE, now you're just showing off. A pre-PPV Smackdown that easily could've been a PPV in its own right? We get it, Smackdown is awesome: Mysterio vs. Edge, Punk vs. Umaga, Jericho vs. Truth, Morrison vs. Benjamin,
you're spoiling us at this point.

Unfortunately for Smackdown, since it's on a dying network, the ratings are declining and that's truly a shame. Wrestling fans, do your part for the greatest wrestling show going right now - watch Smackdown! Every week, no excuses; can't watch on Friday nights? DVR. No DVR? Go to Go old school and hook up a VCR if you have to, because there's no reason for wrestling fans to not watch this show. Tell your friends, make them tell their friends, don't let WWE think they need to fix what isn't broken. This is WWE at their best in almost a decade, let them know it by watching!

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  1. You know that I absolutely hate when before the PPV, the WWE books a bunch a sweet matches and then does some weird crap where they don't allow those matches to have a proper finish (you know, like that Cena/Jericho match that Edge interfered on before the draft), and I was fully expecting them to do that again last night... I was all set to be disappointed, and what did they do? They had a bunch of definitive results on both Smackdown and Superstars. This is a move I can really get behind.

    (And I totally marked out when R. Truth came out and started verbally sparring with Jericho. It is great to see him getting some face time so to speak. I didn't really like him when he was first introduced last year, but he really won me over.