Monday, June 22, 2009

Kick-Out's Raw Thoughts - June 22, 2009

The night got interesting before Raw even started when it was announced that the fans in Green Bay were getting a full ticket refund after the show to the tune of $250,000. I guess that means no Diva Search this year? Alright, the Trump Era begins, can it fix the sinking ship that is Monday Night Raw?

Raw with the Trump logo is hilarious and so is the Trump-heavy intro. The Donald kicks things off and reminds us the show is commercial-free and the Green Bay fans get a full refund, hope they brought extra merchandise tonight because I have a feeling those stands were busy.

John Cena heads to the ring in his new John Deere inspired attire, which is interesting to say the least. Cena announces he'll be taking on Big Show later in the night (really? again?), but things get interesting when he calls out The Miz. Miz comes to the ring, proceeds to be awesome and Cena lets him know that it's put up or shut up time at The Bash because they're finally going to square off one-on-one. I'm officially sold on the PPV as this is quite possibly the best built match since HBK vs. Undertaker and Miz & Cena are undoubtedly the best things going on Raw right now.

Vince McMahon trying to get a piggyback ride from his limo driver is classic.

Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & The Great Khali vs. Edge, Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler was a lot of fun, although I wouldn't have complained if John Morrison had been in Khali's spot, but it makes sense considering Ziggler was involved. CM Punk was also great on commentary, even if he looked absolutely bizarre in street clothes... sweet Misfits belt buckle though. Good stuff in the match, especially Khali teasing a dive to the outside, but luckily Chris Jericho was there to save his life. The good guys win, CM Punk tries to congratulate Jeff Hardy, but for some reason he gets all pissy about it?! After Hardy assaulted Punk's injured leg last week on Raw, then tried to get Punk DQed for winning a match the same way he did earlier in the night on Friday, I have to once again ask - who am I supposed to be cheering here? Jeff Hardy is the one being a sore loser and lashing out at Punk, all the champ did is cash in his Money in the Bank, which he earned at WrestleMania and then won the title fair and square!

Also, Punk's reaction when King & Cole were talking about KFC was hysterical. Since Punk's straight edge, I'm pretty sure he would never touch that food, I'd even wager that smoking would be healthier than eating whatever was in that bucket.

Well, they say there's no commercials, but why am I longing for Castrol GTX ads instead of watching Cody Rhodes wrestle? I hate to sound like a jerk, but I really have no reason to care about anything involving Rhodes & DiBiase, they've been presented as Orton's errand boys for months, they're essentially two Chavo Guerreros in one! I know it's a foregone conclusion, but can we please not let them win the Tag Titles on Sunday? Carlito & Primo have been so entertaining, especially since unifying the belts, they deserve a good long run and if they're going to drop the belts, it should be to The Hart Dynasty.

Santina's fired? Finally, that angle ran its course at WrestleMania.

Festus reads the Wall Street Journal in the bathroom? Funny, I usually just use the editorial pages as toilet paper! HEY-OOOOOOOOOO!

I'm not going to lie, Last Man Standing Match was pretty damn good. Definitely the best match Triple H and Randy Orton have had against each other, ever. Loved the match, the ending sucked, but that's no surprise considering they need to keep some heat on it if they're doing Three Stages of Hell on Sunday. I'm admittedly pretty excited about that too since we haven't seen one of those since December 2002, and the Stretcher stip for the final fall is a nice touch considering the nature of their feud. If WWE accomplished anything tonight, it's getting me somewhat interested in this very stale feud.

So that's it? Trump angle's done? Vince just bought it back seven days later? After all that hype? One word: Lame. I was excited about the prospect of a celebrity host too, that would've been really cool and something different, but of course, it's not going to happen because this is Raw, the show that WWE is seemingly terrified to try something different.

Oh and dirtsheets, please stop peddling the rumor that the Trump angle was killed because of the fabled "SEC investigation" until you have some sort of proof. No, the Fox Business Network saying it "could" happen doesn't count. Yikes, Fox Business stories going through the dirtsheet filter, it's a double dose of sensationalism!

Six-Diva Tag was your typical Six-Diva Tag, but if Mickie James has adopted that Superkick as her new finisher, I am in full support of it, that was nasty.

Dear WWE, no more John Cena vs. Big Show matches! Sincerely yours, Razor. I really have nothing against Big Show and we all know that Cena is great (yeah, I said it), but I'm done watching these two. At least The Miz got involved and Big Show finally got a win and I'll let the whole thing slide since the main event of Raw ended with Miz standing tall.

Triple H slamming that trunk on Orton's back was gross.

Okay, no commercials really works for Raw, it's a shame they can't do this every week. I'm sure some whiny smarks will complain that it "wasn't commercial-free since KFC was all over the place!" showing that they've clearly never seen how these kind of broadcasts work. I for one would gladly watch Raw plastered with product placement every week if it meant no commercials, or even limited commercials. Put KFC in front of Cole & King, put the Burger King logo next to the WWE bug the entire show, have a ticker telling me to switch to AT&T, have JR come out on stage and scream "FRUITY, FRUITY DELICIOUS SKITTLES!" again, I don't care. All other sports are plastered with advertising, why not WWE? It would certainly be a lot better than sitting through the same six commercials that we see every week on Raw: Castrol, Burger King, Snickers, Taco Bell, whatever horror/action/sex comedy movie is coming out this week and whatever First Person Shooter video game is coming out next week.

Overall, I thought Raw was enjoyable this week, mainly thanks to the commercial-free gimmick and the LMS Match, but the handling of the Trump storyline is just mind-numbing. I'll have more on that during this week's Kick-Out!! Radio, but for now, let's just be happy that WWE managed to put on an interesting Raw (it's a miracle!), even if they totally blew it on this potentially huge storyline.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks it is weird that in a week with a commercial free episode of Raw (featuring a Smackdown match) and a pay-per-view on Sunday that a Triple Threat match for the US Championship wasn't deem important enough for either and was instead relegated to Superstars?

  2. Well, it at least makes Superstars must-see TV this week.

  3. Completely agree on the lameness of the Trump angle being over already. It was entirely pointless, and it made me even more ambivalent about Raw. If you have to resort to that, for one week, to up your viewers/generate buzz, something is seriously wrong. Though I do wonder if, after tonight, anyone still thinks the "sale" was real.

  4. I think the fans will be booing Vince after what went down between the don and Mr. McMahon. But now that Vince is back in the pilot's seat Randy Orton's life just went down the tank.

  5. have JR come out on stage and scream "FRUITY, FRUITY DELICIOUS SKITTLES!" again

    That should take the place of every commercial on every show on every channel forever.

  6. You know what? Simply for the fact that Triple H and Randy Orton had a solid match on free TV, I'm willing to give this show a pass. Well, that and Santina's firing, Festus showing his smarts, Donald Trump being Donald Trump, The Miz evolving into a great main event heel, and just the pure surreality of Raw. Oh, and CM Punk saying "So what's the story behind this chicken?" in an uber-serious tone in the midst of a six-man tag.