Monday, June 15, 2009

Kick-Out's Raw Thoughts - June 15, 2009

Big Raw tonight, the three-hour 3 For All, I joked last week that the best way to get Raw out of its slump was to bring on ECW and Smackdown. Judging by tonight's show, it was funny because it was true.

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio kicks off the in-ring action and I'm sorry, I don't think I can get tired of watching these two wrestle. Another awesome match and my personal pick for Match of the Night: great storytelling, loads of dramatic near falls and a brilliant finish with Jericho twisting around Mysterio's mask and nailing him with a nasty Codebreaker. Jericho's words continue to be 100% accurate from his promo running down Raw to saying Mysterio's mask will be his downfall. Loving this feud and loving the boost it's giving to the IC Title.

Vince McMahon has sold Monday Night Raw?!

Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian was way too short, but a fun match nonetheless. I have a feeling they'll have another rematch at the PPV, hopefully getting more time. Not a whole lot to say about this one since it was kept short and there were no Swagger run-in, but I'm sure the plot will thicken tomorrow night on ECW.

Okay, so let me get this straight. Randy Orton is the WWE Champion, despite being injured Batista demolishes Orton at Extreme Rules and becomes WWE Champion. Batista gets written out 24 hours later, WWE Title vacated, Triple H returns, Fatal Four Way set up for the vacant WWE Championship with Orton, HHH, John Cena and Big Show. We go through all that just to have Randy Orton win the title back? Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?! Here's a thought, how about Randy Orton just remains WWE Champion at Extreme Rules and you spare me the trouble of all this? Utterly pointless.

Vince McMahon has sold Raw to... Donald Trump! What's hilarious is I jokingly mentioned Trump to my girlfriend earlier in the night, fully expecting Ric Flair to be revealed as the owner, but I never thought it would actually happen! Trump confirmed that next week's Raw will be presented commercial free and that he will be there in person. Trump's last involvement with WWE got them tons of press coverage, so I can't see how this storyline is a bad idea. I like it. Vince also announces a 10-man Battle Royal to set up a new number one contender for the WWE Title, hopefully something interesting will come out of that.

Not much to say about Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendes except that DDT at the end made me literally scream "AHHHHH" because I thought Rosa may have been seriously hurt, she landed right on the top of her head! Luckily Rosa appeared to be okay and the slow tease for Mickie vs. Maryse continues.

Once again, The Miz shines as the brightest star on Raw. Goldust deserves his props as well, an Ahmed Johnson reference is always going to make me laugh, but Miz took the Bizarre One out and then shot poor Hornswoggle with the t-shirt gun! Ouch. Shooting leprechauns aside, The Miz is still AWESOME!

CM Punk vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy was a great match, but it's a bit odd that JR was saying Punk went too far for driving Hardy into the stairs just a few minutes after Hardy assaulted CM Punk's injured leg. The more I think about it, it's really a brilliant way to turn Punk heel, he gets booed for doing stuff to Jeff Hardy, but cheered for doing the same thing to Edge... if there's a surefire way of getting under the crowd's skin, it's calling them hypocrites, just ask Chris Jericho. I'm psyched for Punk vs. Hardy at The Bash, should be an awesome match and perhaps the culmination of this heel turn that might be happening? Just another reason why Smackdown is the superior brand, engaging storylines with a bit of mystery that aren't too complicated.

Carlito & Primo vs. The Hart Dynasty didn't have time to get interesting because Rhodes & DiBiase ruined it. Apparently they weren't content with ruining it with their horrid commentary, they had to cause a disqualification as well.

Okay, so if Randy Orton regaining the WWE Title was utterly pointless, Triple H winning the Battle Royal was just plain stupid. Why not keep them apart for a bit, let the feud heat up a bit and finally reach its conclusion at SummerSlam? No, we go through something even more complicated to make Triple H the number one contender when he could've just as easily got on the mic and said "fight me at The Bash, Orton!" MVP should've won the Battle Royal, would've helped him get even more over and given us a fresh match at The Bash... but no, we go with something completely unsurprising.

Oh but wait, it gets better. Donald Trump appears on the TitanTron and announces that HHH vs. Orton is happening next week on Raw and it's a Last Man Standing Match! And the match is listed on to still be happening at The Bash (seriously). So unless we get some of those WWE shenanigans (which is very possible), we get to see Orton vs. Triple H next Monday and then again six days later. Double ugh.

So this was easily the best Raw since the Draft, as long as you ignore all the Raw parts (Miz got robbed in the Battle Royal!). Trump as owner is interesting and I'll have more on that on this week's Kick-Out!! Radio, but the WWE Title situation is reaching a new level of absurdity. So much wasted potential by putting the title back on Orton and having Triple H as the #1 contender, I was bored with this feud in April.
I knew we were due for more Orton/HHH when The Game returned, but there is something to be said for the slow build. By taking the most complicated path to reach the most predictable destination, it made me go from bored to angry.


  1. It's amazing. How hard can it be to drum up interest in a program? Look at the Punk/Hardy storyline right now and that feud is money. It is cold hard money simply by the reaction to it. 100,000 people would buy a pay-per-view to see Punk "get his comeuppance" from the Money in the Bank deal and the way the match went tonight SOMEHOW against all logic, managed to make people excited to watch these two fight again at the pay-per-view. That's what people say when they bring up old-school booking and it's baffling to me how Raw's writers don't get that concept, though, Smackdown has the talents of Michael Hayes.

    My god, Raw felt like six hours tonight. Rosa Mendes sucks, honestly, as a pro wrestler, but then again, most of the divas tend to suck when they're just starting to grapple here. Trump's a media choice and Twitter did explode at the initial news, so they might have something there. Miz was amazing, one of the best dick heel segments in a long while and even trumping the mocking Cena stuff. Fucking put this man in a match already, or I'll even settle for him being put over strong in a three way with Cena and...yeah, Big Show.

    God, Raw, you just...suck.

  2. Once Orton won the strap and the battle royal was announced, I'd plotted out the way the rest of the show was going to go in my mind, and I went to bed. Raw is just a really stupid, really predictable brand right now, and what's worse is that when Batista comes back for his revenge angle the whole damn thing is likely to start over again. Ick.

  3. I'm going to admit that I really didn't watch much after the first Trump announcement. I think the best way to sum up the reaction was the MSN conversation I was having at the time was just a string of "...". That segment really threw the show for me. I'll await to see just how it plays out though.

    HHH vs. Orton is predictable as sin. Do we need to see them go at it at The Bash? Why not wait until SummerSlam, give someone else a rub for The Bash and NOC but keep the heat on HHH/Orton on long term but just save their actual match for SummerSlam. I can't see that idea rising in a RAW creative meeting at all though. I'm usually pretty up beat about the WWE's output, but RAW does really seem like the same old shtick now. It's probably why Smackdown is so much more interesting, because for one the main event scene just seems so much more dynamic and fresh.

  4. I was totally sold on the CM Punk injury because the medical personnel got involved. Totally bought it. Maybe he really did take a bad bump, I don't know... but it made that segment a bit more exciting than it was to begin with.

    And I do think they blew it with that Battle Royale... and I am not just talking from my MVP fandom. Having Triple H win it the way he did... it is things like that that make people think that he is holding down the roster. If you are going into a match like that and you are pretty sure you can predict the outcome, well, that is bad writing.

    I mean, there was a possibility that Mysterio, Christian or Hardy/Edge could have won their respective matches... but when it came down to the final 5 in that Battle Royale, it was obvious who was picking up the win.

    And even with that, even having the Miz put Cena over the top rope would have been something worth having that match for because then he would have actually done something substantive in that feud. I mean, the way it looks now is he is entering a feud with Goldust and Hornswoggle, which means he is running into a potential partnering with The Brian Kendrick.

    I wonder who is going to get the "You're Fired" bit from Trump.

  5. I loved it I'm a Triple H fan so while I'm kind of glad to see him get the win I am not blind to the fact that The Miz should have won the battle royal or at the very least have him eliminate Cena.

    Orton becoming Champion again so soon does not make sense especially if Triple H ends up winning the last man standing match on RAW. So if the match is still listed for The Bash maybe they are already telling us who wins next week because we all know that a champion always excercises his rematch clause.

    I'm not sure how to react to The Donald being the "new owner" of RAW. I remember them doing something similar when Vince took the WWE public and Ric Flair "bought" half the stock becoming co owner and it eventually led to a winner take all match between Vince and Flair which of course McMahon won. There was also that whole Stone Cold thing too which again Vince ended up keeping the company so yeah I already know how this is going to play out I just hope it's interesting along the way.

    Santino was hilarious with Vince before and after the phone call from The Donald lmao that guy needs to be in either a tag team title program or a US Title program. btw how come MVP hasn't excercised his rematch clause for the US Title? Are the writers actually sending him up to the main event now with no actual build up?

    I'm giving the WWE 2 weeks to make CM Punk a heel. They teased us last night with both the interview segment and the JR comment. However that did look like a legit injury because it looked as if he was supposed to land on the steel steps and not lose his balance the way he did but it did add to the match and it did add feul to the Hardy/Punk fire. Also while on injuries Christian's injury looked pretty real too and maybe they had to shorten the match because of his ankle IDK but it was a good match up until his ankle got twisted and hopefully that's the problem and not something more major that will keep him on the shelf.

  6. I've only been watching Raw for the past three weeks and I'm already bored. Why couldn't Orton keep the title at Extreme Rules and face MVP at the 3 For All? Why didn't The Miz eliminate John Cena to keep up that storyline considering Triple H was going to win anyway? Why do they seem happy to keep the main event at Randy Orton, Big Show, John Cena and Triple H/Batista (crossout whichever one is currently sitting out)?

    Why has the WWE dug itself into such a hole that, in order to fill up 6-7 hours of original TV each week, they're giving away pay per view stuff? Why would I then pay the additional £20 to buy a PPV when they seem more willing to do big title matches on Raw?

  7. Is it me, or were they touting the WWE title match being in "32 minutes and some number of seconds" at like, 7:05 - making the WWE title match apparently start around 7:35, but then the timer just kept extending until it got to 8:00 and THEN the match started?

  8. I'm the same way about the battle royal, hoping that MVP would pull one and get his real shot at Orton. Once he went out, it was all in bright pink neon that we were going to see Triple H and Cena as the last two standing.

    If this is seen as the big money match, why not save it for SummerSlam and let someone like MVP get some run through the Bash and Night of Champions?

    For once, I will give DiBiase and Rhodes credit for doing something right...even if they were most likely reamed for it...I counted at least two instances where they referred to the "Great American Bash," as the show should still be called. Of course, at the PPV, Matt Striker will probably allude to it and claim the name was changed because an Obama-led America is no longer great, or something.

  9. LoL, well if Striker doesn't say, I'm sure Joey Styles will!