Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kick-Out's ECW Thoughts - June 30, 2009

I was hoping to get Kick-Out!! Radio up first, but GCast is having technical difficulties, so it's going to have to wait. It's amusing though, a good portion of the show is about how ECW is going to be shaken up... I think I may have been right.

Tiffany kicks off the show and announces the New Superstar Initiative is in full effect. Yeah, she ain't kidding.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Yoshi Tatsu is our first bout of the evening, but I wouldn't really call it an actual match. Shelton cuts a fairly uncomfortable promo against the Asian Superstar and threatens to unleash Godzilla. Shelton proceeds to go into the Karate Kid crane stance and bows at his opponent only to get kicked in the skull and pinned one, two, three. See kids, WWE's teaching us all a valuable lesson here, if you act like a racist, you're going to get kicked in the head. I saw a lot of people saying Shelton was "buried" here, but if anything, this was the most interesting segment he's been involved with in months. I'll need to see more from Yoshitatsu before forming any sort of opinion though. Hopefully we'll get an actual match next week.

Okay, if that's what the Abraham Washington Show is, then it needs to be canceled. Let's put it on FOX so we can expedite that process. That was abysmal, possibly the worst segment on WWE television in 2009. I hope this guy wrestles, because there's nothing that can be worse than watching him host this "show." And again, I have to ask, why even bother putting the Bella Twins on ECW?

Sheamus (finally!) debuts and demolishes Local Competitor (poor guy can't catch a break). I'm telling you right now, Sheamus is likely to be the crown jewel of this new batch of Superstars; he's huge, has possibly the most unique look in the company and he really beat the hell out of that guy tonight. Oh and that Rock Bottom into a backbreaker is one of the nastiest finishers I've seen in awhile. Really excited about the Celtic Warrior; awesome theme music too.

Admittedly, I know nothing about Tyler Reks, but I'm hearing good things. Looking forward to seeing what he can do this Thursday on Superstars against Zack Ryder.

Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal vs. Christian & Tommy Dreamer was a great main event and I really can't begin to express how thrilled I am that Regal is finally on ECW. And correct me if I'm wrong, but this was Kozlov's first non-squash since March, wasn't it? I loved the new look for the Moscow Mauler as well and he worked really well with Regal. I'm not sure if Kozlov is ready for primetime, but teaming up with Regal and working against guys like Christian certainly won't hurt.

Okay, so I was ready for some new call ups, but I wasn't expecting half the FCW roster to debut tonight. I honestly can understand why people are going to panic, it was a major jolt, but I stand by my statement that ECW will be fine. It's sink or swim for these guys and it's up to them to find out if they're a CM Punk or if they're a Braden Walker. Just please, no more Abraham Washington Show... I'm begging.


  1. Sheamus already won me over, with that finisher and his red hair and pale skin. Nice to see someone with my skin tone on there! :)

  2. I'm going to be positive and say that while the show was pretty trainwreck-y, I think Sheamus is a superstar in the making. I'm not giving up on the brand yet because it's going to get adjusted and get better. But it was comical how many new guys were thrown out there, and certainly that 10 minute Abraham Washington Show segment was pure death. I blame the writers, because Washington looked comfortable but was given material that was beyond wretched.

  3. Brief thoughts:
    1) Thank god Koslov finally ditched the diaper look.
    2) Am I the only one that thinks Sheamus looks like Adam Savage: The Wrestler?

  4. That was the worst ECW in... God, in years. You know I'm not normally a person to gripe about this, but fuck's sake, 25 minutes passed and there had been one wrestling move executed in the show. The second half was a VAST improvement, but cripes.

    Things I noticed:
    -Had you waited a month or so to put that poll up, I'd have used every computer in the office to vote for Yoshi Tatsu's music as the worst ever. What WAS that?
    -If that's what Abraham Washington Jefferson Madison Polk (KENNEDYYYYYYYY!) is going to be doing every week, then I'm going to have to stop watching that segment. I very nearly turned the show off. Thank God for...
    -SHEAMUS! Love that guy. I'm hoping he turns out to be the big deal I know he can be, but in the monster heel-heavy WWE you're always teetering the line between being the next Batista and being the next Snitsky. I like Sheamus a lot--he's crisper than the likes of Knox and Kozlov, and he's got a better look on top of it--so I hope he goes far.
    -Regal was getting mega-heat, which will hopefully lead to good things. A Regal/Kozlov long-term pairing--with Regal as the cowardly mastermind and Kozlov as the big huge guy who knows he's doing all the work anyway--has potential. I still think we'll get a Regal title reign out of this eventually, but Kozlov/Dreamer seems to be on tap, which I'd been calling for months.
    -And to reiterate... man, for such a shitty show, was the crowd hot or what? Good laughs for Shelton's cornball schtick, big heat for Regal, and cheers and stomps for LOCAL COMPETITOR. The only thing they really shat all over was Abraham Washington Jefferson Madison Monroe Quincy Adams, and they even warmed up to THAT eventually. Good crowd. Bad show, though.

  5. Hopefully he can be Abraham Washington Harrison and the gimmick will die in 30 days.

  6. ...and that is why you are my mancakes. :D