Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kick-Out's Bash Predictions

Because "Kick-Out's The Bash Predictions" just sounds silly.

Grudge Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali
I'm quite confused about this match actually making it on PPV, and I know a lot of smarks are all "THIS MATCH BUT NO [insert internet darling here]?!" But it's nice to see some undercard guys make it on PPV with no titles involved. It's not my ideal match, but it's something different. I'll say Dolph Ziggler picks up the surprise win after some heel tactics.

Women's Championship
Melina © vs. Michelle McCool
I really hope Melina wins this one because I'm rooting for Mickie James to be the first person to win both the Women's Title and the Diva's Championship. I certainly don't want to hear McCool on the mic gloating about it in her robotic monotone voice. My heart says Melina, but my brain's telling me to go with McCool.

Unified Tag Team Championship
Primo & Carlito © vs. Legacy
Speaking of people who I don't want to see as champions, can we please let Carlito & Primo retain here? They could very well be what WWE needs to revitalize the tag division, but I fully expect them to drop the belts. Legacy wins, Tag Titles become the shiny things you see in the background during Randy Orton promos.

Intercontinental Championship - Mask vs. Title
Chris Jericho © vs. Rey Mysterio
Had a bit of a detailed discussion about this one in the comments of this week's Kick-Out!! Radio, but I really cannot see Rey Mysterio unmasking in WWE under any circumstances. The mask is far too valuable for merchandise revenue and Rey without the mask just isn't as cool as Rey with the mask. Rey Mysterio wins, no question.

Put Up or Shut Up
The Miz vs. John Cena
This is my main event this Sunday, I've been excited for this one since the night after Backlash when Miz first started talking trash. However, the big question here is does WWE see The Miz as a long-term investment? I really can't see him having any chance of actually winning without some serious cheating, interference from The Big Show, and perhaps Cena tying one hand behind his back, but is he going to get squashed? John Cena wins, but the harder prediction is does Miz get to look like a credible opponent?

ECW Championship Scramble
Tommy Dreamer © vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Finlay vs. Mark Henry
These kind of matches are always near impossible to predict, but one thing I can say with almost 100% certainty, Mark Henry won't win (now watch him win and everyone will come laugh at me). I'm not sure who to go with here, but I'm going to put my money on Jack Swagger, then him and Dreamer will enter a full-blown feud while Christian and Finlay go at it.

World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk © vs. Jeff Hardy
I expect serious shenanigans in this match; ref bumps, possible interference from Edge, maybe even a Matt Hardy sighting. Jeff will get distracted or attacked, CM Punk will take advantage and win, continuing to straddle the line between heel and face. I am going to go out on a limb and say despite expecting all kinds of craziness, I think this will be Match of the Night, so long as its given enough time.

WWE Championship - Three Stages of Hell
Randy Orton © vs. Triple H
Thanks to Raw, I'm actually really excited about this one and I think it's very possible that these two are going to beat the living hell out of each other. It could really go either way, but I'll say first fall goes to Orton, second fall to Triple H and then Randy Orton picks up the win in the stretcher match to retain the WWE Title. That said, I still don't see this feud ending until they get into The Cell, so if Orton wins, expect it to be tainted with help from Rhodes & DiBiase.

Don't forget to leave your predictions in the comments below and make sure to check back here at Kick-Out!! Wrestling Sunday night for my full review of The Bash!


  1. Dolph Ziggler vs Khali winner Khali

    Melina vs McCool winner Melina (I too want Mickie James to be the first dual champion. Too bad Trish can't come back for a month and win the Divas title and then retire again lol)

    The Colons vs Priceless winner The Colons IDK why but my gut says Colons

    Jericho vs Mysterio winner Y2J I truly believe both popularity and merchandising will not be effected by this. However should it occur they could easily have another match double or nothing If Rey wins he gets both the IC title and his mask back if he loses he has to wait for a new IC champion before getting another shot at the strap.

    The Miz vs Cena winner I want to say The Miz but I know Big Show is going to at the very least come down to ring side. He hates both The Miz and Cena and very well could punch The Miz first and have Cena DQ'ed all I know is I doubt we see a pinfall or submission in this match. I guess I need an official pick so I'll go with Cena.

    ECW Championship Scramble winner anybody but Swagger or Henry lol it'd be cool to keep Tommy Dream on Dream Street, it'd be awesome to give it back to Christian and it would show some respect to Finlay if they gave it to him but no more Swagger or Henry.

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy winner Jeff Hardy no matter what he's gonna win this match, he might not be taking the title with him but he should get the W. Look for Edge or Matt to interfere but in the event he does lose it won't be a clean victory for CM Punk and hopefully enough is enough and he goes full on heel already he will be much more interesting to everybody as a heel.

    Orton vs The Game 3 Stages of Hell winner 1st stage: Triple H winner 2nd Stage: Orton winner 3rd Stage: IDK lol I want Triple H but something tells me Orton will retain. However he could win with the help of a returning HBK or even Ric Flair if Priceless comes down to help Orton so really anything can happen but I'm gonna hope for Triple H to pull this one out and get closer to to The Nature Boy's record of 16 Championships

  2. I believe Mysterio will win by DQ, meaning that Jericho keeps the belt while he keeps his mask.

    I think Punk and Orton will retain, but Dreamer is going to lose his belt.

    The Miz is going to push Cena to his limit since it is supposed to be the main event, and if it was just a 3 minute squash, people would be upset would they not, but in the end, Cena will prevail.

    I want the Colons to keep the belts... they are doing really good work holding them, and this feud has a lot more fuel in it for them to lose them this shortly into it.

  3. Rightio, finally I feel well enough to post a somewhat decent response. If it makes absolutely no sense well... what can I say? I have a cold, I feel like crap and I'm running on two hours sleep. I'm doing the best I can! lol.

    Dolph vs Khali.
    Honestly, I hope Dolph wins. I can't help but like him for some silly reason, although perhaps that's just cause I don't really like Khali... Oh well. Nonetheless, I hope Dolph gets the better of him and I'd sort of like to see Dolph in competition against someone his own size... Mmm...

    Meline vs McCool
    Oh lord. Heaven help me if McCool wins. If Melina doesn't win this I'll do one of her screams, seriously (if I still have my voice by the time I find out, I can't get the PPV and by the time I'm home I think it'll be over). I guess I agree with you, my heart says Melina but my brain says they're gonna screw me over and pick McCool.
    Just thinking about it now makes me irritated.

    The brothers vs Legacy
    Uhm... if they still had the Priceless theme, I wouldn't have cared if Legacy won lol, and I'm not kidding. As STUPID as their theme was I used to get this dumb grin on my face when I heard it. I'm not really a huge fan of either team really (*wince* people are gonna kill me for that) but since I'm getting a little tired of this Legacy storyline and I think it needs something fresh I hope either Carlito and Primo keep it and something different finally happens with Legacy, or that Cody and Ted get them and break away from Randy and leave him to fend for himself.
    I get the feeling they'll win and like you said, the belts will be a shiny backdrop in Randy promos.

    Jericho vs Mysterio
    I just can't see Mysterio losing this. I do know, that whatever the outcome, this match is gonna be great :D

    Miz vs Cena
    Uhm... I hope Cena wins, but that's probably just because Miz irritates me. Actually, I don't know why he does and Cena doesn't, Cena is kinda arrogant too... but in a different way I guess. It's just that whenever I think of Miz I feel irritated and I don't get that with Cena. But I guess that means Miz is doing his job, right?
    My opinion on looking like a credible opponent? Well... if he's really a good wrestler I hope this is his opportunity to prove it (I really haven't seen that much of his work yet) and if he's not that good... well I guess it'll come through.

    The Scramble...
    Well I don't doubt that Mark Henry won't win, but if he did I might Melina scream again. I really don't want Swagger winning this either, he irritates me, but again, I guess that's him doing his job, right?
    I'd love to see Finlay as champ, I've been a big Finlay fan for a while now. That said, I wouldn't be upset if Christian won either. I don't mind Dreamer as champ either I guess...

    Punk vs Jeff
    My heart says Jeff. Honestly, I love them both but I love Jeff more. I remember watching Jeff Hardy as a kid and just absolutely falling in love with him (Gimme a break, I was about eight at the time) and now I love watching him perform, and he's definitely helped keep me passionate about wrestling. I think it's because he sort of reminds me of me (and apparently other people too, I've been dubbed 'mini enigma' or 'little enigma' by friends). I'm pretty extreme, I guess, multi-coloured hair, I like tattoos and piercings, I'm an artist and I also sing. That said, I do have a soft spot for Punk I guess, being Straightedge myself. Nonetheless, my heart says Jeff. My head says it doesn't know lol, there's reasons for both. However, another comment caught my eye- Jeff would win without getting the belt.
    Which made me groan, but it's entirely possible, he'll win by DQ and end up not getting the belt. Incredibly irritating, but my head says that's a big possibility. Gah.

    Oh and after Punk's attack on Morrison? Well I think he could be heading towards full heel turn, since Morrison has basically turned face now. And, what a match that was by the way, Morrison is doing VERY well I think.

  4. Gah the rest of my post got cut out...

    I'm too sick, tired and lazy to retype it... I don't think there was much left anyway. Sorry about that.