Sunday, June 7, 2009

Five things I want to see at Extreme Rules

Every Sunday, except for those with a PPV, I usually present The Five Count - my top five things in wrestling that week. On weeks where there is a PPV, you get Five Things. Not predictions, not things I would even necessarily expect WWE to do, just five things I'd like to see happen during tonight's PPV.

5. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge headlining
I asked for this last month for Judgment Day and got my wish, but that was because Orton and Batista ending in a DQ finish. I'm concerned WWE will try to put this match on last, but I think it would be a huge mistake; there's no way they can upstage a ladder match between Edge and Jeff Hardy. Unless Triple H, Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker come back during the cage match, there's no reason to put it on last.

4. The Hog Pen Match to last no more than five minutes
That includes entrances. There's no reason to take away time from all the other matches on the card for something that will undoubtedly suck. You know me, I hate sounding like a negative smark, but I really don't think there's any chance that this "match" will be even remotely watchable.

3. Something for the unused guys to do
Lots of quality talent left off this PPV: The Miz, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, The Hart Dynasty, Finlay, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Carlito & Primo, etc. I realize we need to make room for Vickie Guerrero vs. Santino in drag, but I'd like to see at least one of these guys get some mic time or a backstage segment.

2. Tommy Dreamer, ECW Champion
If this is truly Tommy's last hurrah, let the man ride into the sunset with the prize he always deserved, the ECW Championship. Yeah, he held it for twenty minutes in 2000, but let's give the man the proper thanks he deserves for twenty years of dedication to the business and specifically ECW. Tommy Dreamer is ECW, he deserves the title one last time.

1. CM Punk cashes in
Everyone's been awfully quiet about the Money in the Bank briefcase lately. CM Punk was teasing it weekly after being drafted to Smackdown, but since Umaga came back, not so much. Could tonight be the night? Edge retains, Punk cashes in and sends the crowd home happy? I'd be happy if he waited a little longer, but tonight seems like as good of a night as any.

Just a couple thoughts, feel free to share yours and make sure to check back at Kick-Out!! Wrestling shortly after tonight's event for my full review of WWE Extreme Rules!

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