Saturday, May 9, 2009

Worst Wrestling Theme Music?

If you missed Superstars on Thursday, you may have heard Zach Ryder's hideous new theme song... that's assuming you got through enough of it without stabbing yourself in the ears with a sharp object. Anyway, in the comments for my review of the show, I said it was one of the worst themes since the X-Factor theme by Uncle Kracker. I got in some trouble for making fun of it, (sorry Lou, it's awful), but I want to know your opinion. What's the worst theme music in wrestling history? Please vote in the poll off to the right of your screen... if your pick isn't on the list, select "other" and let me know in the comments.

But seriously... the correct answer is X-Factor.


  1. I maintain that Eve's "She Looks Good" is amazingly horrible and thus is my vote.

  2. Though, Candice's theme is wretched wretched for serious, guys.

  3. I like X-Factor's song. And Ass Man. And Buff Daddy.

    I think the real awful theme songs are the ones without any personality to speak of, typically written by some post-grunge band. Priceless and Batista - compared to their old themes - come to mind.

    Marcus Cor Von's was pretty terrible too as it didn't suit him.

  4. I still think X-Factor theme is great >_> But as for the worst theme, it's got to be Billy and Chuck's old theme. Or Santina's new one, for that matter.

    You, look, so... Good to me~


  5. But that theme was perfect for Rico!

    I miss Rico :-(

  6. Right to Censor.

    Yes, it was supposed to be terrible and annoying. And it succeeded spectacularly.