Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Poll - Extreme Rules Matches

A big congratulations to William Regal for winning Kick-Out!! Wrestling's "Worst... Theme Music... EVER!" poll, his "Real Man's Man" theme took the dubious honor. He truly is such a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Anyway, gaze over to the right and you'll see a new poll asking what match are you most excited about at Extreme Rules. Voting will end before the PPV next Sunday, so get your votes in soon! I personally picked Edge/Jeff Hardy, but Jericho/Mysterio, Christian/Dreamer/Swagger and Punk/Umaga all have loads of potential, but I'll have more on that when I give my predictions for the PPV next week. Cast your votes, leave your comments and thanks again for supporting Kick-Out!! Wrestling.


  1. Where is the option to vote for Santina/Vickie Guerrero? Hog Pen Match for the win!

  2. Well obviously that is everyone's most anticipated match, we're just voting on the distant second.

  3. CM Punk vs Umaga anyone? I'm really interested to see the finish for this one...but then again it could end up being shit.