Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mr. Kennedy Injured?

So if you've been around the dirtsheets this morning, you'll see that everyone is saying Mr. Kennedy got hurt on Raw last night in his first match back, some sites even calling him the "fragile superstar." Now I'm not saying he's not hurt, but what is the evidence these sites are providing? He was holding his wrist after the match... oh well in that case clearly his wrist is broken and he'll be out for another year. Or, you know, it could be that it just hurt for a moment? Maybe he landed weird or jammed it?

Sensationalism from wrestling "journalists" is no surprise, but it's almost like they want the guy to get hurt or something so they can have a good story. It's not just the dirtsheet writers either, I'm seeing a lot people on Twitter and message boards laughing at the idea that Kennedy could be hurt again. This is another example why internet fans will never be taken seriously by WWE or any other wrestling promotion, because we act like assholes.

If the reports are true and Kennedy's going to miss an extended period of time, then I'll be the first to say the guy is injury prone, gets hurt at the worst possible times and maybe it's time to cut bait on him as a wrestler and put him on commentary or something. But I'm not going to sit here and stir up rumors just because a guy was holding his wrist and act as if I want him to be injured just so I can have a good laugh. I don't care if it's Mr. Kennedy or a guy that I can't stand, an injury is never funny... we're talking about a person's livelihood here.


  1. So similar to reaction to Griffey Jr. after he had a couple major injuries.

  2. I remember being on a wrestling forum for Fire Pro Wrestling after Cena got injured and people were whooping it up about that, which I thought was distasteful.

  3. Pro-wrestling promotions can't look down upon internet reporters/sites/etc until they themselves offer a higher-standard product.

    Certain types of entertainment attract a certain type of audience. Necrophelia, fake deaths, "stairwell" incidents, wrestlers attacking fans, and overall aggression on screen will inspire an overall aggressive audience to watch. If the professionals can act this way, why does the audience not have the right?

    Also, any and all promotions can be accused of running distasteful storylines for ratings or publicity. Yet, when internet sites do the same, and many of these sites are trying to make a buck (like the "pros"), it's wrong?

    Sensationalism starts at the top and trickles down. Pro Wrestling Promotions shouldn't be hypocritcal when looking down on us for being heartless, mislead, whatever word they want to use. Many of us have sites to run as well, & people to entertain, or if nothing else we have emotion to invoke. Good or bad, it should also be a website's goal to gain a reaction!

  4. Wouldn't you say that's what WWE is doing right now? The shift to TV-PG, a bigger focus on the in-ring product and moving away from the sleaze of the late 90s, WWE is offering a "higher standard product."

    I'm not so sure that a handful of angles from the last decade or so is evidence that because wrestling promotions occasionally run a risqué angle, fans should respond in kind. It worked with the original ECW because that promotion always blurred the line between fiction and reality. While WWE lets the audience occasionally peak behind the curtain, ECW allowed them to rip the curtain to shreds. But at the end of the day, it is still entertainment and the audience has any right to respond to a storyline how they see fit, but this particular incident is not a storyline.

    We're talking about a real person and their livelihood, not Vince's limo exploding or Kane's rough childhood, these are sites running with unconfirmed information about a particular talent's health. I don't think unsubstantiated claims, distortions or flat-out lies are entertaining and the only emotion it should evoke is frustration because of the piss-poor "journalism." If someone's running a news site, give me the news, I don't need their assumptions mixed with their opinions.

    If your goal is merely to get a reaction and the only way you can do that is with lies or sensationalism, you're nothing but a tabloid at that point. The reactions have been especially troubling considering the vast amount of "LOLs" I've seen at the idea of Mr. Kennedy being injured again. Talk about a bad storyline all you want, but to mock someone's health? That's pretty low.

  5. Mo, I just looked at your site. If you're going to copy and paste "news" verbatim, you can at least give attribution to your source. It's not hard, and in these days of the internets it's also not hard to spot a scam.

    You post on your site:

    "Ken Kennedy, who had been out of action for several months with a shoulder injury, made his in-ring return last night on Raw in the "Lakers vs. Nuggets" 10-man tag match.

    Kennedy injured his wrist during the match while taking an RKO from Randy Orton. There's no word yet on whether he'll miss any time, but this is another tough break for the fragile superstar."

    And here's the news from lordsofpain.net:

    "-- Ken Kennedy made his in-ring return on Raw last night after being out of action for several months with a shoulder injury. Kennedy was a surprise participant in the "Lakers vs. Nuggets" 10-man tag match, but his return may be short lived. PWInsider.com reports that Kennedy injured his wrist during the match while taking an RKO from Randy Orton. There's no word yet on whether he'll miss any time, but this is another tough break for the fragile superstar. Kennedy has been injured for a considerable portion of his 4-year WWE career, missing 2 out of the last 4 WrestleManias."

    Gets even better. Mo, on your "report" about Kennedy, you also have a blurb about Raw attendance and Bob Sapp,
    hereInterestingly, the same exact set of news, with a different byline, and a "partial credit" to pwinsider.com
    here. Unless you are the same person as Ryan Clark?

    If you do a Google search for the phrase "Kennedy injured his wrist during the match while taking an RKO from Randy Orton," you get nearly 100 results. Funny how no one sees fit to even reword it before they post it.

    IMO, that's the real problem with wrestling "reporters" and sites: Anyone can copy and paste and put their name on a "report." Doesn't mean you're a journalist or that you know something someone else doesn't.

  6. You'll never hear me claim to be a journalist, Jamie. If you truly checked out my site, you've gone deeper than finding the original news posting for Mr. Kennedy and have listened to (at least) one of the programs, read some of the messages on the boards, etc.

    If you have done that, then you should know I attempt to entertain. In response to Razor, invoking a reaction isn't tabloid, it's the foundation of entertainment. The very same principles I've implmented into my 9 year radio career.

    The site and my radio career have something in common: Response on the airwaves. I could put my opinion into the news article, or I could save it for the audio program (hence "WrestlingAUDIO").

    Sure, I could further re-word the news article, but the draw of my personal site isn't the same as draw of Kick Out Wrestling. My site's focus is the on-air content. Listening to these shows will hopefully prove that I never take credit for the news, reports, etc. I am not a reporter. I don't have "inside sources." I am a fan of the sport though, and want to share my enjoyment, and opinions, with others.

    I copy-and-paste the news so there's something extra for the site visitor (we did once podcast exclusively to iTunes once.) It's an attempt to be well-rounded. It's all personal opinion if we acheive that or not.

    I agree that I wish more sources were named! I've had plenty of rants on the airwaves about it, but let's be honest, the majority of internet-based wrestling fans love this stuff. True or not, most of us get a kick out of reading it.

    If you want a "real" wrestling news site, good luck finding one. WWE.com reports false news stories to sell their angles, so where exactly should my site or anybodies site go to find this news? Where is the definitive wrestling news site, that is all 100% factual, all 100% credited, with 0% personal commentary mixed?

    Where's the WWE representative denying these Kennedy reports and setting the record straight? WWE could easily stop these rumors, but choose not to. If Mo Williams of the Cavs was rumored to be injured, I guarantee the Cavs organization would deny these reports. Or if an actor was reported to be injured on set, and it wasn't true, the marketing team would deny these claims.

    I also agree that WWE is attempting to provide a better product, but to say they're completely there would be incorrect. Not when WWE exploits real life Jeff Hardy alcoholism to sell a PPV (after the "PG" era began.) That's still low brow. Just as low brow as someone laughing at Kennedy's injury. The product attracts the audience.

  7. WWE chooses not to respond to rumor sites because they don't acknowledge them to begin with. WWE's stance on the dirtsheets is to simply ignore them. The comparison with the Cavs doesn't hold water because there is a legitimate sports media, there is no legit wrestling media... and that's the problem.

    And WWE took a lot of heat for that Jeff Hardy angle at Survivor Series. You're helping my point, the dirtsheets threw a fit over that Hardy angle, showing some of that famous faux outrage that is generally reserved for the political realm. It's not exactly a lowbrow audience when they're screaming "OH HOW DAAAAAAARE YOU" at a questionable angle. Wrestling fans are capable of acting mature, those who don't give the rest of us a bad name.

    On the subject of copy and pasting, which I've covered here in a previous article, you can call it "something extra," but plagiarism is still plagiarism. You're posting someone else's writing, word-for-word and putting your name on it. It's not just you, it happens on all the dirtsheets, but it's still unethical.

    We both come from radio backgrounds, I assume you would never steal someone else's bit and pass it off as your own, right? Well you shouldn't do it with someone else's writing. And if you're "making a buck" off your website as you previously implied, that makes it all the more shady.

    Finally, my point about being a tabloid wasn't simply about "getting a reaction," it was about using exaggerated, distorted or otherwise false information in order to gain said reaction. I agree that reaction is the foundation of entertainment, but if someone needs to rely on questionable tactics to get a reaction, they're probably not that good at what they do.

  8. Mo, the long and short of it is, if you're making money off your site, you are stealing someone else's content and profiting from their work. Call it whatever you want, justify it however you like, but that's what you -- and many others -- are doing. Stealing. (Possibly even worse: you're stealing rumors. Lame.)

    I did look further into your site, and found more of the same. I didn't listen to any audio, so I'm going to hope you aren't reading stolen words. You say you don't take credit for news or reports, but sure as shit the byline "By Mo Lightning" was on the very report you copy and pasted about Mr. Kennedy's possible injury. Sorry, but that is taking credit, even if you don't do it on your audiocasts.

    The thing is, it's so simple to give credit. You don't even have to link to the source (though you should). Just say "so and so reports blah blah blah." Is that too much work? Or does it, in your eyes, lessen what your audience thinks of you and possibly expose the fact that you DON'T have any insider information?

  9. Thanks for the hits guys. If only any of you had done enough research and listened to the shows, or looked further than the News articles, you'd see that my site does not charge for anything, nor do we contain any banners, meaning we do NOT make a single penny off of the site. If you read my words carefully above, you'll see that I never claimed to have made money. "Many of these sites" are trying to make a buck. The site I'm involved with was created as a forum to discuss what's happening in the sport we all supposedly love.

    Further research would show that I don't take credit for having insider sources. I know the WWE Head of Group Ticket Sales, and a few wrestlers on a very casual, or very indy, basis. The Head of Ticket Sales isn't exactly Mr. Gossip Central.

    I find it hypocritical that me and my site can be attacked without any of you doing any proper research, yet when I laugh at Kennedy's injury, without the same research, I am in the wrong. Funny.

    As for "taking credit", each and every single article posted through my site is automatically labeled with the publisher. Unlike this site where people can choose which info they do or do not provide, WrestlingAudio has an automatic feature, mentioning the publisher/author.

    (Still, if you think I take credit for these stories, I invite you to find this example, or these examples.)

    Plagiarism? You're comparing posting pro-wrestling rumors to stealing bits? Alright, let's go with it. I don't know your radio background, but when I've had bits "borrowed" by a competitor, for as irking as it may be, it's also flattering. It means you're doing something right.

    These news sites I take the news & rumors from should be proud to be the source of information, right and wrong. Conversely though, "Ryan Clark" doesn't often post his sources either. And this same WrestlingInc news story isn't just on mine, but as was mentioned above, mentioned on hundreds of sites.

    I will repeat, since this point is lost on this too-lazy-to-research bunch, the news is extra content. It is not the focus of my site; The audio shows are the focus. Hence the name of the site.

    Do you guys run your own not-for-profit sites that I may check out? (Outside of blogspot.com, of course.)

  10. Well, I was checking out your site tonight and saw that you admit you're just "stirring shit" at this point, so now that it's out in the open that you're trolling, it'll make the rest of this much easier.

    Okay, so you're not making money, so that makes what you're doing slightly less shady. Still, you can call it "extra" all you want, you're copying and pasting stories without giving any credit to the original source. The byline may be automatic (understandable, so is mine), but that isn't stopping you from sourcing the story. At least some of the people copy and pasting that news verbatim had the courtesy to leave in "PWInsider reports."

    There's a difference between "borrowing" and "stealing," the latter being what you're doing. And you're not alone (as I've made clear numerous times), but you are taking someone else's writing, posting it on your site and then not giving proper credit. Jamie posted numerous examples, so spare us the "you're too lazy to research" nonsense.

    Run your site how you see fit, you're certainly not the only one doing what it is that you're doing, but you are contributing to the problem that keeps professional wrestling from having any sort of legitimate media.

    And you may think I'm a "drag," who doesn't have fun, but at least I know I'm not a hack.

  11. Mo, "attacking" your site really isn't the same as laughing at someone's injury. Further, I'm not really attacking your site. What I'm saying is fact: you are copying and pasting content and passing it off as your own. You admitted it yourself. It might be "extra" content, it might not be the point of your site, hundreds of other people are doing it, whatever. Regardless, you ARE doing it.

    Since this started about Kennedy's injury, let me copy and paste the exact post on your site:


    "Mr. Kennedy Injured On RAW Last Night, RAW Attendance?
    Written by Mo Lightning
    Tuesday, 26 May 2009 17:16
    Ken Kennedy, who had been out of action for several months with a shoulder injury, made his in-ring return last night on Raw in the "Lakers vs. Nuggets" 10-man tag match.

    Kennedy injured his wrist during the match while taking an RKO from Randy Orton. There's no word yet on whether he'll miss any time, but this is another tough break for the fragile superstar.

    Although the Los Angeles times reports that almost 9,000 fans attended Raw, several fans have emailed in saying WWE gave away a ton of tickets to the show around town.

    Bob Sapp, the MMA fighter who will compete against former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley on June 27th, fought at the Yokohama Arena in Japan over the weekend at the DREAM 9 event. Sapp lost his fight after Japanese fan favorite Ikuhisa Minowa made him tap out with an Achilles lock. Also on the card, former MLB slugger Jose Conseco made his MMA debut against 7'2" Korean giant Hong Man Choi. Conseco lasted only 76 seconds before Choi got him on the ground and smothered him with punches, causing the referee to stop the fight."


    Sure looks to me like you're claiming you wrote that, when in fact you surely did not. (And if you did, then man, there are hundreds of sites out there stealing your content!) I don't care if it automatically puts that at the top of a post; all it takes is a simple "so and so reports that..." (Also, to clarify, you didn't post this as a rumor, which is what it is. The post says he IS injured, and last I checked that hasn't been confirmed.)

    Sorry you think it's such a drag to have a discussion about whether an injury is funny, whether the injury is real, or whether plagiarizing is a stupid thing to do. Thinking is hard, I know. And the easiest way to dismiss this entire conversation is to resort to name-calling, with terms like "hacks" and "uptight" and "drags." I get it, really, I do. I also noticed you don't have the balls to say that to us here, just on the safety of your own site, which is just an Internet version of running to your mom crying.

  12. I think a lot of people were fans of Kennedy until he went on his run of lies a while back, were upset by that and now see all his injuries as karma or something.