Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kick-Out's Top 5 of the Week - May 3, 2009

Since the last Top 5, the WWE landscape has changed dramatically: three new champs, Draft went into full effect and Smackdown/ECW returned to Madison Square Garden. Raw, ECW and Superstars didn't really click with me this week, but I thought Smackdown hit a home run, will the blue brand dominate this week? Let's find out:

5. "E-C-DUB, E-C-DUB, E-C-DUB!"
There really is nothing like a New York crowd in the world's most famous arena (MSG, not the Air Canada Center). Tommy Dreamer's never exactly been a top player in WWE, but how amazing was it to see 20,000+ people on their feet chanting "ECW" when he interrupted Christian on Tuesday? Today's ECW, while awesome in its own way, is definitely not the original, but here we are, eight years later and people still chant. You don't hear a lot of "AWA!" or "WCW!" chants out there, but ECW still means something to many fans, yours truly included.

4. Miz on Raw!
Save_Us.MIZ? Will the former "host" of Friday Night Smackdown be the next big thing on Raw? Everyone seemed to be convinced that Miz was destined to go the way of Marty Jannetty,
Jim Neidhart or Bart Gunn and make his way to the Island of Misfit Tag Partners, but I'm almost convinced that he's the true star of the duo. His promo on Raw was the highlight of an otherwise dull evening and as long as he can hang with the big stars in the ring, he has "future WWE Champ" written all over him. Be jealous.

3. Punk wins! Punk wins! Punk wins!
Hell of a way to debut on Smackdown, CM Punk gets involved in a big promo between Chris Jericho and Edge and then goes on to beat Edge clean in the middle of the ring. Umaga may have stolen some thunder at the end of the show, but CM Punk showed that he's ready to crash through the glass ceiling and be the next big thing in WWE. With stars like Punk, Smackdown is definitely must-see TV.

2. Last Man Standing
I've been trying to think of something all week, but I honestly cannot remember a better Last Man Standing match than this one. I may be wrong, you're free to tell me if I am, but as it stands right now, this is my personal pick for best LMS match in WWE history. Edge and John Cena set the stage with their great promos, but then they went out there and blew the roof off the Dunkin Donuts Center at Backlash. Violence was sprinkled upon both men,
eyes were glazed over, legs appeared jelly-filled, and then Big Show threw John Cena into that spotlight with his giant bearclaw-esque hands. Definitely a contender for most delicious match of the year.

1. The Peeple's Champion
He did it, probably four years after it should've happened, but Christian is finally a top champion in WWE. He didn't need to get involved with the Hardys, he didn't need to play second-fiddle to Edge, he just needed to be Christian and it got him the ECW Championship. The Christian Coalition may want more, I'd love to see him with the WWE or World Heavyweight Title some day, but
for right now, let's just enjoy the fact that Christian is the #1 guy in ECW.

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