Friday, May 29, 2009

Kick-Out's Superstars Thoughts - May 28, 2009

Every week, Superstars has featured at least one good match, but this may be the first week where all three matches are required viewing. Top to bottom, this was a great show.

Carlito & Primo vs. Haas & Benjamin
showed us that tag team wrestling may hibernate for a few years, but it's certainly not dead. Even though they're the "lesser" members of their respective teams, I have to give credit to Haas and Primo because I think they did most of the legwork in this one and they really impressed. I also enjoyed Cryme Tyme giving Shelton a taste of his own medicine for costing John Morrison that match against Chris Jericho. Cryme Tyme vs. Haas & Benjamin should be an enjoyable feud if WWE moves forward with it and I'd like to see more of the Super Colón Bros. on other brands defending the Tag Titles.

Jack Swagger vs. Finlay was good, much better than their match at No Way Out a few months back. Swagger was working particularly aggressive and Finlay made him look like a legit bad ass. I do feel bad for Finlay though, he's been getting manhandled left and right the last few weeks, but there's potential for that to lead somewhere. I'd love to see him drop the fun loving attitude he's had lately and channel the "loves to fight" Finlay to take out the young punks stirring up trouble on ECW.

John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase was a great TV main event, nothing bad to say about it at all. Cena had his working shoes on for this one, making Ted DiBiase look like a credible threat even though we all knew how that one was ending (Spoiler: Ted loses). Crowd was a bit more anti-Cena than in recent months, but the haters can hate, the man is still the best in the business today. Can't take anything away from DiBiase either, this was probably his most impressive outing to date and it's nice to see him get to do something besides be Randy Orton's lackey.

Okay, now it's just getting absurd... even Superstars is consistently better than Raw! Perhaps it's my love of old school-style shows where it's just straight up wrestling every week, but for a show that everyone thought was going to just be something like Heat or Velocity, Superstars is actually really fun.

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