Monday, May 11, 2009

Kick-Out's Raw Thoughts - May 11, 2009

Raw's been struggling since the Draft went into effect the night after Backlash. I don't know if it's the lack of Triple H or the fact that I'm personally not that into Batista and Randy Orton, but the main event scene is really struggling. It's nothing against their abilities, they just don't have any fresh faces to go up against and for whatever reason it's just not clicking. But not all was bad with Raw this week, let's take a look.

Thank God, Randy Orton stops at the top of the ramp so we don't have to watch the ten minute walk down the aisle. Orton offers Davetista a spot in Legacy, unsurprisingly the invitation is turned down. Vickie Guerrero comes out and sets up another overly contrived main event situation that reminds me of - forgive me WWE for saying this - something TNA would do. I'm sorry!

Batista vs. Priceless kicks off the in-ring action, have I mentioned how much I hate handicap matches? I know I've asked this before, but can anyone tell me a good handicap match in wrestling history? Doesn't have to be great, just good, because I honestly cannot think of one. If I never see another handicap match, it'll be too soon, that's how much I hate them. Batista gets himself disqualified for the second week in a row and looks like a big dummy in the process, now he has to wrestle all of Legacy... or does he?

Divas tag match wasn't good or bad, just kinda there. I'm excited for the prospect of Mickie James vs. Maryse, I'm surprised it hasn't been announced for the PPV, maybe they'll just do it on Raw, but I feel like that would be a waste. As I said last week, aside from Beth Phoenix, Mickie and Maryse are the best Divas in WWE right now, they should get a decent-length feud.

This business with Chavo getting into Vickie's ear and suggesting matches has me somewhat intrigued. I don't know what the endgame is here, but Chavo could be a good authority figure in the future, I'm curious if they're going that route.

The Brian Kendrick won a match! Woohoo! It's the highlight of the night for me and TBK is looking for a tag team partner to go after the Unified Tag Team Titlessssssssssssssss, as he called them. On one hand, I think Kendrick really should be working the US Title division, but if they're revamping the tag division, I'm all for this as well. With the right partner, Kendrick could very well find his career revamped like Miz & Morrison's were when they teamed up. Now the only question is, who will Kendrick's partner be? Leave your predictions in the comments, I'll offer up my thoughts in a future blog...

MIZ ON RAW! Monday Night Raw's next big thing finally goes one on one with John Cena in a "special exhibition match" and even though there was no ref, I think it's safe to say: Miz - 3, Cena - 0. Why? Because he's The Miz and he... is... AWESOME!

Here's a testament to how awesome John Cena is, one promo and he instantly makes his match with Big Show at Judgment Day feel like something you absolutely cannot miss. Our good buddy Trey, who frequently comments here at Kick-Out!! made the excellent observation that two minutes of hype from John Cena accomplished more than two hours of hype from the Batista/Orton feud.

So let me get this straight (ha), Santina's a lesbian? But I thought JR was her little slobberknocker? Again, you were worried about TV-PG? I feel for The Glamazon, her pouty face when she was sitting on the top turnbuckle was just sad. C'mon, here she is, arguably the best female wrestler in the country and she's getting humiliated by her ex-boyfriend who is pretending to be a woman and he's the good guy in this feud? Really?

Oh William Regal, I forgot just how awesome you are. This time last year, Regal conceivably could've been WWE Champion, unfortunately his untimely suspension put the brakes on that. I hope he can get back to his former glory, he is one of the greatest actors in the business and one tough son of a bitch in the ring, he deserves a main event run. MVP, Kofi and Matt Hardy also brought the goods tonight, it's not a good sign with the US Title division is far more interesting than the WWE Title scene. Seriously, I'd be far more interested if Batista/Regal and Orton/MVP were feuding right now.

So Batista does the smart thing and takes out Rhodes and DiBiase, leaving Orton all alone in the main event. Okay, Batista going nutzo and destroying Orton's ankle was pretty cool and got me somewhat excited for the Judgment Day main event, but I hope this is the end come Sunday. That said, my big fear is Triple H comes back and we go right back into the cycle of Orton vs. HHH and end up right where we were pre-WrestleMania. Raw needs a shake-up!

Well, that was a little better. If Smackdown hadn't set the bar so high the last few weeks, this would actually be a good Raw, but the show just feels so lifeless compared to the blue brand.
Over on Smackdown, we got guys like Edge, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and CM Punk floating around the main event while Raw has the same guys we've been seeing headlining PPVs for five years with no new talent going against them. Cena, Big Show, Orton and Batista are unquestionably top guys, I'm just tired of seeing them rotating against each other. Give me a heel turn or some new blood in the main event, anything to inject some adrenaline into the brand's heart.


  1. I think it is going to be The Miz and The Brian Kendrick in THE Tag Team.

  2. I would enjoy them together, but I think it would be a huge step back for The Miz to get right back into another tag team.

  3. It was just the phrasing that Brian Kendrick used that makes me think that.

  4. Honestly, I'd like to see Kendrick weasel up to Vickie and Chavo, become kind of a GM's pet, and have Chavo team up with him. More Vickie string-pulling for guys that would really seem like they'd need it.