Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kick-Out's Judgment Day Predictions

Judgment Day is this Sunday and just like last month, there are only six matches scheduled for the PPV and there's no special skit like Santina/Khali scheduled. The only other match I can see getting added is Maryse vs. Mickie James for the Divas Title, but you'd think they would've announced it by now. Regardless of something getting added last minute, I can only work with the card I'm given. ***UPDATE*** Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison has been added to the card.

CM Punk vs. Umaga
At least this match makes more sense than the hastily added Punk/Kane match from Backlash. I was furious that Kane won that match because it didn't make any sense at the time and it makes even less sense now that Kane has pretty much done nothing since moving to Smackdown except be the first guy out in the Fatal Fourway two weeks ago. While Punk has all the momentum right now after two wins over Edge, he really doesn't need to win here, Umaga does.
The guy's been on the shelf for five months, a win over the hometown face will give Umaga loads of heat solidify his return. Umaga wins, but maybe that's not the end of CM Punk's night?

Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison
(May 16 update) This match was added sometime Friday night, I haven't got to Smackdown yet, but it's no surprise these two will be going at it on Sunday. Still kinda surprised the Divas Title isn't being defended (I feel like there hasn't been a proper Divas match on PPV in awhile), but I'd much rather have Shelton and Morrison. These guys are
two tremendous athletes who have really come into their own as of late and I think they have just as much potential as any other match on this card to steal the show. Morrison gets the win to continue his big face push.

Christian © vs. Jack Swagger - ECW Championship
Potential show-stealer here. If it weren't for the amazing Last Man Standing match, these two definitely would've had the best match of the night at Backlash. The pressure's on to innovate and not simply put on the same match that they had last month, it's a shame they don't have a gimmick like a cage match to work with here, but I think they'll deliver. I say Christian wins and moves onto a feud with Kozlov.

Rey Mysterio © vs. Chris Jericho - Intercontinental Championship
While Captain Charisma and The All-American American have the potential to steal the show, I'm going to play it safe and predict this will be Match of the Night. Rey Mysterio's been working like he's ten years younger, Chris Jericho is arguably the best in the world right now, so barring an off-night for either guy or some other issue, I can't see any reason why this won't be the best match on the card. Rey Mysterio wins, possibly by disqualification, and this feud continues into the summer.

John Cena vs. The Big Show
This match will either be really good or really bad, depending on the direction they take. If they try to have a wrestling match, I fear it could get ugly, but if they have a fight, we could have a really fun brawl. Show's been absolutely dominant since WrestleMania and if the rumors are true that Cena's taking time off, he's definitely going to win here... but I take wrestling rumors with less than a grain of salt. I'll reluctantly pick Big Show to win here, possibly with The Miz getting involved.

Randy Orton © vs. Batista - WWE Championship
These two put on a great match at Armageddon back in December, I'm sure they can do it again here, but I'm just not that into it. Lots of things can happen in this one, including the return of Triple H, but I think no matter what goes down, Randy Orton is walking out WWE Champion. Funny thing about this match, I believe it is the first time that Batista has ever competed for the WWE Championship, he's always been on the show with the World Heavyweight Title.

Edge © vs. Jeff Hardy - World Heavyweight Championship
Another Match of the Night contender, this one could really go either way. Edge just won the title, but perhaps it was out of necessity to get a top title back on Smackdown? If Jeff Hardy is champion, there's a lot of guys he can take on: a rematch with Edge, a fresh feud with Jericho, and then there could be face vs. face feuds with guys like CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. But that said, Edge is the top dog on Smackdown, he just got the belt back, I'd hate for WWE to switch it again and he could feud with any those guys listed above (except Jericho), or elevate an upcoming talent like John Morrison, plus there's the imminent return of The Undertaker. Hardest match of the night for me to predict, but I'll trust my gut and go with Edge.

But of course, there's that lingering issue of Money in the Bank. It's CM Punk's hometown, he's already got two wins over Edge, could this be the night? Personally, I'd like for Punk to hang onto it for a little while longer and face Edge one on one in a proper match, like RVD did with John Cena back in 2006, but I can't really think of a better place for him to do it than The Windy City. Maybe I should second-guess my Punk/Umaga prediction... it would be a very WWE thing to do for Punk to say early in the night that he's cashing in later, then he beats Umaga, but the Samoan Bulldozer takes him out after the match, ruining his chance to cash in. I'm sure that sounds way more confusing to read that it does for me to say it in my head, but I'm sure you get the gist of it. I'll stick with Edge walking out of Judgment Day as champ and Punk not cashing in.

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