Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kick-Out's ECW Thoughts - May 12, 2009

ECW makes its return to one of the original ECW's frequent stomping grounds, Dayton, Ohio. Home to PPVs like Heatwave 98 and 99, Dayton is no stranger to the land of extreme.

Backstage, Tiffany tells Jack Swagger and Christian that no subject is off-limits tonight during the return of the Peep Show... I'd love to hear their opinions on universal health care and the War on Drugs!

Tommy Dreamer just can't catch a break, can he? I know he's just Tommy Dreamer, but the clock is ticking on this ECW Championship storyline, can't we just give the guy one win over Mark Henry? Please? Sadly not on this show, and just like his theme music says, Mark Henry proved that someone was indeed going to get their wig split

Finlay vs. Tyson Kidd was one of the best mat-based wrestling matches I've seen on WWE TV in years. They managed to keep the crowd into it while working at a slower pace, which is no easy task when dealing with a WWE audience, but that's just how good these two can be. I'd be lying if I said the ending didn't give me chills, it finally happened, the formation of the New Hart Foundation. And they hit Finlay with the Hart Attack, how awesome was that? It's been rumored for years and I'm incredibly excited to see what Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith & Natalya Neidhart will bring to ECW.

Backstage, Zach Ryder wants to go to the gym and Paul Burchill looks like Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Alrighty then.

Vladimir Kozlov comes to destroy another local competitor, but wait a minute... I know that guy, it's Chad Collyer! Collyer was a big player in Les Thatcher's Heartland Wrestling Association, he's also worked in TNA and ROH. Nice to see him getting a spot on WWE, even if he's just the jobber of the week for Kozlov. I assume I don't really need to go into detail about the match, I'm sure you know the typical Kozlov formula by now. Oh yeah, Matt Striker once again had to remind us that he's a Republican during this match... why do I get the feeling that if another announcer did the opposite, they would be told to stop?

The Peep Show was good stuff, even if Jack Swagger looked like a muscle-bound Dwight Schrute from The Office in that outfit. Christian was in full Captain Charisma mode, making Swagger look like a complete imbecile and The All-American American is playing his role very well, getting more and more frustrated every week that Christian humiliates him. I'm really excited about their match on Sunday, they were great at Backlash and as Tiffany mentioned at the beginning of ECW, they have a chance to steal the show at Judgment Day.

The best little wrestling show on television continues to deliver week after week. Smackdown may have taken the title as the best overall show in professional wrestling today, but ECW is still the place you can go for consistently good in-ring performances on a weekly basis. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time an ECW show didn't have at least one good, decent length match; for wrestling fans, it is must-see TV every Tuesday night.


  1. Kidd and Finlay were just on fire that whole match. And even if they don't continue this feud for a lot longer, it'll be great for ECW to actually have a dedicated tag team to threaten the Colons. Actually, Kidd/DH v. Carlito/Primo sounds like a super-hot match.

    And yeah, Swagger coming right out and calling Obama a Communist? WTF? Anyone who'd hammered George Bush like that the last eight years would have been canned before the show was over, wouldn't they?

  2. wait that was zack ryder? i thought it was dj gabirel?!