Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kick-Out's ECW Thoughts - May 5, 2009

So ECW moves back to its 10pm timeslot and with the move comes a return of overruns. Of course my DVR didn't account for that, so I missed the last five minutes or so of the show. Grr.

Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd kicks things off and unsurprisingly, it's the best match so far this week. These two young superstars just aren't the future of ECW, they are the future of the entire industry. And I can't discount Natalya either, she's playing her role extremely well and perhaps single-handedly reviving the dying breed of the manager. She's not just a pretty face in Tyson's corner, she's tough and has great instincts at ringside. Glad to see them continuing the Finlay/Kidd mini feud, I'd like to see those two added to the Judgment Day card so we can get an ECW match on PPV that's not just for the ECW Title.

What the hell was Zack Ryder doing? He looked like he just stepped out of the Olivia Newton-John video for "Let's Get Physical." Seriously, that was painfully awkward.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated local competitor again. They could probably save money on paying a local indy guy by just running a repeat from the guy he beat three weeks ago, would anyone really notice the difference? At the very least, they finally came up with a cool name for Kozlov's finisher, The Iron Curtain. I like it... now can we put him in a real match, please?

As this show went on, I was beginning to get a little worried that ECW was becoming a bit formulaic, but they shook things up in the main event and I enjoyed that. Let's be honest, Christian vs. Mark Henry one-on-one wasn't going to set the world on fire, but Christian/Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry/Jack Swagger was pretty fun. As mentioned, by DVR stopped recording right at 11pm, so I didn't get to see how the match ended, apparently Swagger pinned Dreamer, which is exactly what should've happened. Keeps Jack Swagger looking dominant, gives Mark Henry a win after being gone for a couple weeks, and keeps the heat on the Judgment Day match. Good ECW, can't wait to see the show live in thirteen days!

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