Monday, May 4, 2009

Kick-Out!! lays the Smackdown in two weeks!

Big announcement, WWE will be invading Kick-Out!! Wrestling's territory on May 19th in lovely Cincinnati, Ohio and I will be there for your benefit... and mine.

I'm especially stoked because it's an ECW/Smackdown taping and after that awesome show on Friday night, I cannot wait. Unfortunately my seats aren't the greatest, I waited too long to get tickets, but I've been in the nosebleeds before and sometimes that's the most fun place to be. Being way up in the stands in the middle of 80,103 people at WrestleMania 23 is an experience I'll never forget, so if Smackdown in two weeks can live up to a fraction of that, it'll be a damn good time.

Check back in a couple weeks for a full report on the show and make sure to check in tonight after Raw for a full review of the show!

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