Sunday, May 17, 2009

Five things I want to see at Judgment Day

Usually around this time on Sundays, I'm doing the Top 5 of the Week, but I figure that on weeks where there's a PPV, I will do the Top 5 on Monday afternoons. Today, I'm introducing a new feature here at Kick-Out!! Wrestling, Five Things. Not predictions, not even necessarily things that I actually think WWE would ever do, just five things I want to see happen at tonight's PPV:

5. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy headlining
I highly doubt this will happen since Orton/Batista is considered the money match, but I feel like if you want to end the match on an exciting note, you should have Jeff and Edge close it out. This card is pretty stacked with several matches that have show-stealer potential, I think putting Orton and Batista on last runs the risk of repeating WrestleMania where Orton vs. HHH couldn't live up to Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels.

4. Joey Styles' sanity returned
Do you follow Joey Styles on Twitter? Wow, this guy has either lost his mind today or just never had a platform before to show off his craziness. Hey, you're free to say whatever you want and I'll defend your right to say it, but I don't really need to see your Fox News audition tape in between news about Howard Finkel. Whoever stole Joey Styles' sanity (Cryme Tyme?) please return it tonight before he gets anywhere near Matt Striker.

3. Miz on Judgment Day!
The Miz has been one of Raw's few shining moments since the Draft went into effect, why the hell isn't he on the PPV? Not that Big Show needs any help, but with the mini-feud with Cena going on, Miz should get involved in their match tonight. Miz - 4, Cena - 0.

2. Jeff Hardy wins the World Heavyweight Championship
I know I just ranted about WWE bouncing titles around, especially when it comes to Edge, but as I mentioned in my Smackdown review yesterday, Jeff Hardy is the hottest thing on Smackdown right now. One could even make the argument that aside from John Cena, Jeff Hardy is the most popular wrestler in the entire business right now. I know people raise concerns over his reliability, but it's time to give Jeff Hardy the ball and let him run with it. Let it be his success or failure.

You want to get people talking about the PPV tomorrow? Bring back Mr. Kennedy and have him cost Batista the World Heavyweight Championship. The two have a bit of history, Kennedy had the best match of his career against Batista at the 2007 Royal Rumble, and it would immediately add some flavor to Raw's bland main event scene. Batista and Kennedy can work together while Orton goes on to face some of Raw's upcoming stars like MVP or Kofi Kingston.

Just a couple thoughts, feel free to share yours and make sure to check back at Kick-Out!! Wrestling shortly after tonight's event for my full review of WWE Judgment Day!


  1. were you reading spoilers when you wrote this?

  2. At 4:59 PM means probably not.

  3. Nope, no spoilers. I was genuinely shocked that Hardy/Edge went on last, but no surprise now considering the end of Orton/Davetista~!

    Miz was a pleasant surprise as well, but I thought he'd cost Cena the match against Big Show.

    But I was wrong about everything else - Jeff Hardy winning, Mr. Kennedy and Joey Styles' sanity.