Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Five Count - May 31, 2009

You know how this works by now, the five coolest, funniest, craziest or most interesting wrestling tidbits of the week... I think we're covering all those today.

5. Vladimir Kozlov vs. C. Thomas Howell
I don't know why I found this so funny, but when Matt Striker said that one of Kozlov's opponents on Tuesday looked like C. Thomas Howell from Soul Man, I lost it. Look at picture 13 here and tell me he's wrong. Maybe next week we can get a Rae Dawn Chong reference.

4. Evan Bourne returns to ECW
After being MIA for a few weeks, Evan "Air" Bourne finally made his return to ECW and did not fail to impress. That's a bit of an understatement though -- he put on a good match with Mark Henry! The diving knee press to the outside put my jaw on the floor and by the time I picked it up, he won the match too! Sure, it was only by countout, but a win's a win and they could've easily had Henry squash him.

3. Primo & Carlito vs. Benjamin & Haas
As I look back on this week, all three brands had plenty of decent matches, but the standout was an inter-brand match from Superstars. This is definitely my pick for Match of the Week, and I'll go one step further and say it held a commanding lead. Primo is starting to look comfortable in the ring, Haas is working with an intensity I've never seen from him, and Carlito and Shelton Benjamin - who have been notoriously inconsistent throughout their careers - look more motivated than ever. Don't have a bad thing to say about this one and I'd love to see it evolve into a more serious feud over the Unified Tag Team Titles.

2. Chris Jericho, evil genius.
I've had a day to think about it and I think Jericho posing as a fan and ambushing Rey Mysterio may be one of the top ten ten greatest heel moves I've ever seen. We've all seen Rey do his entrance where he goes mask to mask with kids along the aisle, so you're not expecting to see anything new, then BAM! Chris Jericho strikes. Beautifully executed and whoever came up with the angle (my money is on Jericho himself), deserves a raise.

1. Mr. Kennedy Released... Released.
While usually the #1 spot on The Five Count is reserved for my favorite story of the week, this is probably the biggest downer I've ever put on the list. But how could I possibly ignore it? It's one of the biggest WWE releases in the last decade and unquestionably the biggest news story of the year so far. Mr. Kennedy went from future WWE Champion to unemployed in a matter of days; they bring him back to set up a feud with Randy Orton on Monday and he's released on Friday, that simply doesn't happen.

Initial rumors suggested that the release was due to a wrist "injury" suffered on Raw, but Kennedy put a video up on his Facebook page earlier today showing that both wrists are just fine. Internet rumors were apparently wrong... I bet you're as shocked as I am. Now the rumor is the release came over a "botched" back suplex delivered to Randy Orton, who was noticeably angry after taking the bump. I'm not going to comment on it because once again, I simply do not know if that's the reason.

Whatever the reason behind this shocking release, I'm still a big Mr. Kennedy (or I suppose Anderson?) fan and I hope to see him in 88 days. He's sure as hell the one of the few people that would make me actually want to watch TNA, but I'll also hold out hope for an eventual WWE return.

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  1. That video of Mr. Kennedy is hilarious. It really takes skill to make a funny video of yourself moving your wrists around.