Monday, May 18, 2009

The Five Count - May 18, 2009

So after weeks of trying to come up with new names for the Top 5 of the Week, I've settled on something simple, The Five Count. Every Sunday (or Monday on weeks with a PPV), I will give you my pick for the five coolest things in wrestling that week. Here we go:

5. William Regal, still awesome
Ever since his return from suspension, the 2008 King of the Ring hasn't been given much to do aside from a solid run with the Intercontinental Championship. I love Regal, I think even at age 41 (happy belated birthday!), he still has all the skills worthy of a main eventer. Regal on the mic, tearing into MVP, was a personal highlight for Raw last week and left me thinking how cool it would be for Regal to get a short feud with Batista. It would freshen up the stale main event scene and make Regal a solid uppercard talent to have around whenever necessary. Raw is starved for top heels, there's Orton, Big Show and uh... The Miz? Why not Regal?

4. Laughing at smarks
Smarks are funny creatures, as I've often said, they'll always find a reason to complain, but the whining about Judgment Day was hilarious. Two major complaints really stuck out to me, and I saw these both on Twitter almost immediately after the show:

"No title changes? WTF WWE?!"
Yeah WWE, wtf?! After having all three titles change hands last month, why didn't you bounce them around some more this month?! Title prestige, FTW!

"Umaga defeats CM Punk ? Two losses in a row for CM after winning MITB? WTF"
Yeah, both complaints had "WTF" in them... seriously. What's especially hilarious is that people are complaining about CM Punk losing to Umaga when just a few weeks ago, he pinned Edge - The World Champion - cleanly, right in the center of the ring, after hitting the Go To Sleep. Now I'll be the first to say Punk losing to Kane at Backlash was stupid, especially since Kane has been virtually absent from WWE television since that match, but Umaga HAD to win last night. I know smarks are always complaining about CM Punk being "buried," despite the fact that he's won the ECW Title, World Title, World Tag Titles, IC Title and the Money in the Bank twice (all in the span of about 18 months), but let it go already you silly fanboys.

3. The Hart Trilogy
Whether we're calling them The Hart Trilogy or Hart Foundation 2.0, I can't begin to explain how awesome it was to see Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya Neidhart standing together in the ring last Tuesday. In one segment, The Hart Trilogy was infinitely cooler than Legacy, they're the true "wrestling royalty" in WWE. And the Kidd/Finlay match that preceded the formation of the group was one of the best matches on TV this week.

2. Morrison & Miz
It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I'm wrong (please ignore my WrestleMania predictions), and when I am wrong, I'll be the first to admit it. I was wrong about WWE splitting up Miz & Morrison, I thought it was going to totally flop, but I was way off on that prediction. John Morrison's performance last night at Judgment Day was just as exciting as it was suicidal and The Miz... well what more do I really need to say about The Miz? Aside from Edge and John Cena, I don't think there's a better mic performer in WWE right now.
I could never get into the duo working singles matches when they were a team, but now that they're apart, I wonder why it took so long to split them up.

1. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
Match of the Week, Match of the Night at Judgment Day and I think an instant Match of the Year candidate (but HBK vs. Undertaker is still the frontrunner in that category), these two put on a clinic last night. The crowd was red-hot the whole way through, lots of fun back and forth action and hopefully just a foundation for a larger feud to come. I know some people are souring on Jericho's anti-fan, conspiracy theory gimmick, but I contend that he's still the best in the world right now. And I can't say it enough about Mysterio, it's like he's ten years younger out there, this is undoubtedly the best he's ever been since coming to WWE. Smackdown will always be the better brand when these two are putting on matches like this one.


  1. errr were do u find these smarks? and about punk, well if he is going to win the championship, shouldnt he be booked strong? a loss for him really hurts and dosent book him as a crebile champion. thugh i adgree with you on championships, it aslo seems like thier tryint to bring back the prestige to the interconitol championship.

  2. He is being booked strong... he just beat the World Champion twice in a row. Losing to Umaga doesn't hurt Punk, but if Umaga would've lost, it would've completely ruined his return. You can't promote a guy as a monster and then have him lose his first match back.

  3. The smark comments seem very silly. When I saw the 'no Title Change' thing I laughed at the stupidity of the comment. Umaga over Punk also made sense, like you said.

    Before the split, I hated The Miz, but this John Cena angle is awesome. I mean, c'mon, who else is 5-0 against Cena?