Monday, April 13, 2009


So tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm est, WWE will be featured on ESPN's E:60 and I highly encourage everyone, especially non-wrestling fans, to check it out. Apparently ESPN was given unprecedented access to WWE, including a candid interview with Vince McMahon where he discusses a wide range of topics, including the taboo Chris Benoit incident, which hasn't been discussed publicly in over a year. Also, ESPN was allowed to film a creative meeting, which may be the first time ever WWE has ever permitted any outside media to look in on the development of storylines.

I'm hyping this up because while I think it will be a cool segment for wrestling fans, I think it will be an educational experience for non-fans who don't quite get what kind of product WWE presents. A lot of the hate that wrestling gets is simple misunderstandings and if I know how Vince McMahon operates, he will use this opportunity with ESPN to dispel many of the myths about his unique brand of entertainment. It's also incredibly rare to see a mainstream sports outlet like ESPN cover the world of professional wrestling, so it should be interesting to see their take on something they don't regularly give airtime to.

In countries such as Japan or Canada, wrestling is just as pre-determined as it is here, but it's usually covered in the sports pages along with all the other "legit" sports, that's part of what inspired me to start Kick-Out!! Wrestling in the first place. This blog was created to give fan and non-fan alike, a fresh perspective on the world of professional wrestling, and I encourage people to tune into ESPN tomorrow at 7pm for the same reason.

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