Friday, April 24, 2009

WWE Superstars thoughts - April 23, 2009

Just finished watching last night's edition of Superstars and I'd say it was better than last week's thanks to the awesome main event. On Twitter, Joey Styles recently called Superstars a "one hour weekly PPV," which makes me wonder if they're going to keep up this trend of the big names appearing on the show every week. I'm not complaining if true, but I'd like to see maybe one big match per week and then round out the card with backstage promos, vignettes and lower card workers.

CM Punk/Mysterio vs. Big Show/Kane just didn't do it for me. I love Rey Mysterio, Big Show's been great since his return last year, and CM Punk is possibly my favorite wrestler in WWE right now, but the match just didn't click. It seemed to follow the formula of: put Rey Mysterio in a bearhug, Rey fights out, knock Rey down, big guy tags out, put Rey in bearhug, repeat. Kane pinning CM Punk makes me feel pretty good about my prediction that Punk will come out on top at Backlash though.

Finlay/Hornswoggle vs. Tyson Kidd/Natalya was silly fun. Obviously not going to be a match of the year candidate (oops, I said it), but it was a nice way to wrap up the Finlay and Hornswoggle saga since they'll be on different shows. Still no idea what they're going to do with Hornswoggle on Raw, but I'll accept any of the following:

A. Hornswoggle & Festus win the Unified Tag Team Championship
B. Hornswoggle becomes Vickie Guerrero's co-GM
C. Hornswoggle & Goldust movie reviews
D. Hornswoggle & Santino... need I say more?

John Cena's backstage promo was nothing short of brilliant and just another reason why the guy is the best in the business today. I thought the hype for Last Man Standing had been a little weak, but Cena's tremendous verbal abilities really set the stage for what this match is all about. Couple this with their war of words on Smackdown two weeks ago, and I'm officially stoked for this match.

Edge vs. Kofi Kingston was another great match in a week littered with them. Raw had two, ECW had one, Superstars had one, here's hoping Smackdown tonight and Backlash can complete the perfect week of a great match on every show. Edge made Kingston look like a million bucks and a legitimate threat the entire match, which is something he really needed after losing his big spot in the No Way Out main event. Between tonight and his performance at Money in the Bank, I'd say Kofi is right back in the saddle and ready to be the next breakout star in WWE.

And yes, I'm still sad something like this isn't the theme song for the show:

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