Friday, April 17, 2009

WWE Superstars Debuts

So I haven't quite figured out the point behind bringing back Superstars. I know there are rumors swirling about MyNetworkTV and what that means for the future of Smackdown, but it seems like an odd time to add a sixth hour of programming per week, that is if there ever is a right time to have six hours of programming every week.

For what it was, I enjoyed the show, even if there wasn't much to it. Undertaker and Matt Hardy were having a good match until the cop-out ending, but obviously they weren't going to just feed Hardy to The Undertaker after he just got two decisive wins over his brother. I don't get where they're going with these constant Jeff Hardy run-ins though, I thought drafting Matt to Raw would put an end to the feud. Maybe one more match at Backlash?

Finlay vs. Christian was a perfectly acceptable TV match and I'm glad Christian is going onto Backlash to take on Swagger for the ECW Title. Please put the belt on Captain Charisma and make him the new face of the brand, after the Supplemental Draft, there are plenty of guys for him to lock up with. Christian against Helms, Bourne, Kidd, Dreamer, and even Kozlov all have potential.

Main event did what it needed to do, keep heat on the McMahon Family/Legacy feud, but not a whole lot going on between Shane-O-Mac and Cody Rhodes. We did get the Shane-Terminator, which was a nice way to close out the debut show.

I highly doubt the show will look like this in the next few weeks, my assumption has always been that it will eventually become a showcase for the lowercard guys who can't be squeezed in on Raw, Smackdown and ECW every week. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I'd love to see guys like William Regal, Jimmy Wang Yang, Jamie Noble and Goldust in the ring every week. All that considered, it's hard to judge the show when I'm not exactly sure what its purpose is or what kind of format it will have in the coming weeks. Whatever the show becomes, I'm personally never going to argue with more wrestling... I'm just upset they didn't use this for the show opener:

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