Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shawn Michaels out for a few months?

So I was reading JR's Blog (which is easily the best website out there for insight into the business), and he mentioned something that I thought was definitely worth noting:

Speaking of younger stars becoming main eventers, we have been receiving a great deal of mail that John Morrison reminds many fans of a young HBK. Interesting comparison and I hope that these fans are on the money with their observation. HBK, who will be back in action in a few months, is one of the most extraordinary performers in the history of the business and for Morrison to reach that level it will take tremendous effort, focus, and a fair amount of luck.

I was wondering where the future Hall-of-Famer had been since WrestleMania, but I didn't know he was going to be out for "a few months." Quite an unfortunate turn of events, HBK's been absolutely stellar since his latest return from time off, which was way back in October 2007. Whether he was in the ring with budding stars like Mr. Kennedy, legends of the past like Ric Flair, or current Superstars like Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, HBK always brings something to the ring that no one else in the business has. Shawn has definitely earned the time off, but it's news like this that makes you wonder just how much more he has left in the tank.

Shawn Michaels was my favorite wrestler from the minute he turned heel in late 1991 all the way until his retirement in 1998. WWE had its biggest years ever once Shawn was gone, so it made his absence less noticeable, but since his return in 2002, it's like he never left in the first place. I know there's a lot of speculation going around about Shawn's future and he's not exactly tight-lipped about wanting to step away to spend more time with his family, but whether it's next year or ten years from now, the wrestling world will not be the same without The Heartbreak Kid.

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