Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Please end the Matt and Jeff Hardy feud

Despite being pleasantly surprised by their performance at WrestleMania, I think the Matt and Jeff Hardy feud is quite possibly the worst storyline WWE has run since the infamous Katie Vick saga. Just to make it perfectly clear, the Hardys are two of my favorite wrestlers in the business today and my distaste is strictly for the angle, not the performers. It's no fault of Matt or Jeff, they're doing the best they can with it, but the angle is just so unbelievable, counter-productive, over the top and flat-out offensive.

Let's hop in our DeLorean and travel back to 1994 when Bret and Owen Hart had their fantastic feud with each other. What made that feud so great while the Hardys feud is so terrible? Simple, it was believable. Younger brother Owen was jealous of his big brother Bret and wanted to escape his shadow. Owen would shove Bret around, scream in his face and it all culminated with a simple kick to the back of Bret's knee. Owen didn't need to attack Bret in a stairwell, run him off the road or sabotage his pyrotechnics, all it took was a kick to the knee. Between all the assaults and bringing up the real life tragedy of Jeff's house burning down, this storyline with the Hardys is just uncomfortable, whereas the jealous little brother angle with the Harts is not only believable, many people live through a similar sibling rivalry on a daily basis.

Furthermore, where do the Hardy Boyz go from here? By keeping the Hart feud so simple, it made it easy for them to hop in and out of occasional battles, but it also was totally believable when the two eventually set aside their differences and reunited. I know it's wrestling and people put aside horrible histories with each other all the time, but if we're to believe that Matt Hardy was behind these attacks, then are we going to have to believe that Jeff Hardy is willing to let several attempted murders slide if they ever do reunite? It's wrestling, of course they'll reunite, but I'm going to constantly have the thought in the back of my mind of "Jeff, dude... he set your house on fire!" There are just some places you shouldn't go in wrestling, even if we all know it's just a part of the show, I don't even want it insinuated that Matt Hardy killed his own brother's dog.

Perhaps the worst thing that will come out of this angle is it completely killed the momentum that both the Hardys had. Jeff was easily the hottest thing in the company six months ago, and if you ask me, he never should've got the belt at Armageddon. In a perfect world, he would have gone on to win the Rumble and then faced Triple H at WrestleMania to capture his first WWE Championship. That would've been a WrestleMania moment to rival Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, but sadly it was not to be. Jeff is still as popular as ever, but he's been completely derailed and a second WWE Championship reign looks far away.

And let's not forget Matt Hardy, who was getting massive reactions as ECW Champion, only to drop the title to Jack Swagger, who apparently WWE forgot about, seeing as how he's been seen less than Bigfoot these last few weeks. While he'll never be as popular as Jeff, people were really digging Matt Hardy and I don't see why the heel turn was necessary. I know a lot of people love Matt Hardy as a heel due to his work a few years back with the Mattitude gimmick, but he's untested as a serious villain. I'm sure he'll do fine in the role, but I don't see a whole lot for him to do when this feud with Jeff blows over, he'll always be associated with it.

The biggest problem presents itself when the feud comes to an end, who wins it? You can have Matt Hardy win the feud and continue to kill off Jeff's momentum or you can have Jeff win and confirm what everyone already thinks anyway, that he's the better of the two. I don't see any good coming out of this rivalry except maybe a couple more brutal matches, but where do you go from there? I think it would've been more beneficial for all parties involved if this debacle had never happened in the first place.

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