Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plagiarism could be a bad move in the long run

In my ongoing efforts to make a different kind of wrestling website, I promise to you that Kick-Out!! Wrestling will never be a collection of news stories simply copied and pasted from another website. In order to get a better idea of what not to do with this site, I often travel around the various rumor sites (aka "dirtsheets") and can't help but laugh at how many things they post that are just blatantly stolen from another source (usually The Wrestling Observer). I'll give you an example; over the last few days I've been seeing the exact same report on Batista's sudden return and they all feature a certain line that stuck out to me:

"...returning to action before he is 100% ready could be a bad move in the long run."

I did a Google search on that exact phrase and it came back with five results from five different supposed "news" sites:,,,, and At least Rajah, LoP and ImpactWrestling had the courtesy to list The Observer as a source, but that still doesn't excuse why they're all running the same story practically word-for-word.

Let's ignore the fact that none of these websites have any actual inside scoop on anything, let alone the condition of Batista's hamstring, but isn't this just incredibly lame? Here we are with at least five websites blatantly plagiarising someone's work with very little effort going in, if any at all. How can anyone trust these so-called "journalists" and "reporters" when what they're doing is neither journalism or reporting? I don't know if the people who run these sites have expressed permission from their sources to just copy and paste stories, but I do know a four-year-old can copy and paste and yes, a four-year-old can run a typical wrestling rumor site.

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