Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kick-Out's Top 5 of the Week - April 26, 2009

Backlash is just a few hours away and hopefully I'll get my money's worth and the PPV will land all five places on next week's Top 5. Still looking for a cooler name for the list as well, so far my only suggestion is "Michael Cole's Swasbuckling Top 5 of the Week: OH MY!" and yes, that is awesome... but a little long. Make sure to check back later tonight for my thoughts on the PPV, but for right now, here's the five greatest things in wrestling this week:

5. Mick Foley - TNA Champion
I know a lot of people are down on the idea of Mick Foley winning TNA's top title and TNA has a long list of really stupid decisions, but I honestly don't have a problem with it. Foley is the only legitimate main eventer from the Attitude Era on TNA's roster (Kurt Angle made his name in a big slump period) and the Hardcore Legend is arguably the biggest name in the company as well. Even though he hasn't been an active wrestler in almost a decade, Foley never gives less than 100% and I think a lot of good can come from him being champ. If it plays out right, Mick Foley can be to TNA what Terry Funk was to ECW.

4. Edge and Cena's dueling promos
Cena's impassioned promo on Superstars set them up and Edge knocked them down the following night. Two great promos from the top two performers in the business today, Edge and Cena took an under-hyped match and made it seem more important than the entire four-month long storyline between Orton and the McMahon family with just two promos. Cena didn't need to break into Edge's house, Edge didn't need to assault Cena's dad (although he has in the past), they just needed two microphones.

3. Kofi Kingston shines bright
After being left out of the No Way Out main event, I was a little worried about Kofi Kingston's future, he lost his big break! Thankfully he put on a stellar performance at WrestleMania and then on Thursday's edition of Smackdown, he tore the house down with Edge. He may have took a clean loss in the center of the ring, but he still came out looking like a million bucks. Remember smarks, a wrestler can be "put over" even if they lose.

2. Triple H vs. Randy Orton
It's a damn shame this wasn't the match we got at WrestleMania. Overbooked, yes, but it's still a far superior match since it wasn't hindered by the pointless "lose the title if DQ'ed" stipulation. I would also say this is the best match these two have ever had against each other, they've had a lot of matches and never really gelled together in the ring, but I think they found the formula Monday night.

1. John Cena vs. Chris Jericho
Sure the ending sucked, but I'm not going to let that ruin one of the greatest matches on free TV that I've ever seen. The near falls, the finisher reversals, the back and forth, the hot crowd, Cena and Jericho's built-in history, it all just came together and made for a great match. Lightning struck twice on Monday because much like Orton and Triple H, this was definitely the best match Cena and Jericho have ever had against each other and it's a damn shame they're going to be on separate shows now. Match of the week for sure.

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