Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kick-Out's Top 5 of the Week - April 19, 2009

So it's Sunday and after a pretty busy week in the world of wrestling, I don't feel like there's a whole lot to write about, I covered it all as it happened. I know there's a TNA PPV tonight and surprisingly, it looks really good, I just don't have the funds to throw down another $40 for a PPV and I'm not going to write about something I'm not going to watch. So I figure I'll introduce a new idea to Kick-Out!!, the Top 5 of the Week (I need a much cooler name for it, feel free to offer suggestions), celebrating the five coolest moments of the week. They can be anything, a match, a move, a promo, even a funny line on commentary, these are just my five favorite things of the last week:

5. Big Show's fist causes cancer
Oh JR, while I will always consider you the greatest announcer to ever put on a headset, sometimes you say something so ridiculous that I wonder if you're channeling your inner John Madden. On Friday's edition of Smackdown, Big Show defeated Jeff Hardy with his right hand knockout punch, which JR described as "malignant." Does that mean Adam Bomb can shrink Big Show's fist?

4. Hurricane Helms gets extreme
Helms was getting great reactions when he came back and his Hurri-Pop shtick was amusing, but he came back, jobbed to Shelton Benjamin and pretty much disappeared. Helms is an underrated talent who probably won't ever be WWE Champion, but he deserves a place to shine, ECW will (hopefully) be that place.

3. WWE Superstars returns
While the show didn't exactly set the world on fire and we don't know what the show will be once the initial debut hype wears off, it's still pretty cool that Superstars is back. When I was growing up, before the days of the Monday Night War, Superstars was the show to watch after Saturday morning cartoons. I'd love for this show to get an old school vibe to it, complete with backstage promos in front of the green screen, jobber squashes and a main event featuring two guys who don't get enough time on Raw or Smackdown. Time will tell.

2. Smackdown = future of WWE?
From the glory days of the Smackdown Six to the dark days of Great Khali - World Champion, Smackdown has had its ups and downs since WWE split the roster between Raw and Smackdown, but I don't think Smackdown's ever had a roster this good. After the Draft, we're looking at a brand whose top stars are The Undertaker, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Rey Mysterio, that's a hell of a roster. Raw definitely has the A-listers, but Smackdown has the potential to steal the show on every PPV.

1. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison
These two tore the house down in Morrison's farewell match on ECW. Easily the best match on TV this week, the greatest match on free TV so far in 2009 and if it weren't for Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at Mania, you'd have a leading candidate for Match of the Year. Definitely the highlight of the week for me.


  1. Bourne/Morrison was defintley a highlight of the week, this is why ECW trumps all. >_>

    Also, as I said in the PM, The Weekly Swashbuckling Five. Michael Cole would be proud.

    A little suggestion for if you're ever looking for more to write, I know I'd be interested in reading some Top 10's in the same sort of style as your Top 25 Wrestlemania Matches. Stuff like... the top 10 gimmicks of the 90's, top 10 Summerslam matches, all that sort of thing. Just a thought. :)