Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kick-Out's Thoughts on the WWE Supplemental Draft

So if you were following coverage of this live, here's how it went:

"oh... they put them back together."

The Supplemental Draft was little more than a carrot on a string to keep people on as long as possible, and despite giving off the appearance that they were killing tag team wrestling about midway through, not much has really changed. Here's the list:

Mr. Kennedy to Raw
Don't like it. Kennedy was on Raw, then moved to Smackdown last year, got hurt and now moved back to Raw? The guy didn't get any time back on Smackdown and now he has to contend with a very crowded Raw roster when he eventually returns from injury.

Cryme Tyme to Smackdown
This is when the craziness with the tag teams started, Shad was the #2 pick and JTG was #19. Thankfully WWE did not do something incredibly stupid and split these two up. They'll be a great fit on Smackdown.

Alicia Fox to Smackdown
Good news for Alicia, bad news for DJ Gabriel. Fox is capable in the ring, so she can go for the Women's Championship, but no one's going to buy DJ as a solo act.

Primo & Carlito to Raw
Again, more teasing with Primo being the #4 pick and Carlito being #16. No problem with this move, I assume it won't mean much since they'll be all over WWE defending the Unified Tag Titles.

Mike Knox to Smackdown
Nothing for him to do on Raw, but is there anything for him to do on Smackdown?

Ezekiel Jackson to ECW
Well, I got my hopes up after Cryme Tyme and the Colóns were reunited that The Brian Kendrick would be joining him as I wished in my predictions, but it was not to be. Big Zeke is on his own now and I expect he'll become a pretty big deal in ECW.

The Bella Twins to Raw
Another teased split, but they were reunited when Brie Bella was the anticlimatic final pick in the Supplemental Draft.

Candice Michelle to Smackdown
I think it's a good move for Candice, hopefully without the pressures of live TV, she'll get back into her groove. Candice was quickly becoming the best female wrestler in the company before her shoulder injury and hasn't quite been the same since.

Zack Ryder to ECW
No reunion for them, Hawkins & Ryder get split up by the Draft and I wonder if they'll even get back on TV. It happens every year, someone gets drafted and is never seen again, could it be one of these guys? Or both?

Chavo Guerrero to Raw
Hardly surprising considering Vickie is the new Raw GM. Was it even necessary to draft Chavo? I'm not even sure what show he's officially on, has him listed as Smackdown, but he's still on the ECW intro video.

Ricky Ortiz to Smackdown
Ricky's been struggling to get on ECW every week, I don't like his chances on Smackdown.

Layla to Smackdown
It splits up her and William Regal, but Layla's capable in the ring and Regal will be just fine by himself.

Hornswoggle to Raw
One of the most bizarre moves in the Supplemental Draft, I don't know what the plan is here. I can imagine Finlay without Hornswoggle, but I have a hard time figuring out what Hornswoggle will do without Finlay. Also wouldn't be too shocked if a Finlay heel turn is around the corner now that he doesn't have the loveable leprechaun with him.

DH Smith to ECW
Like Chavo, did you really need to officially draft DH Smith? Smith was moved to Smackdown in last year's Supplemental Draft and never appeared on television, I'm pretty sure he could've just shown up on ECW and no one would've said a thing. Still, it's a good move because it looks like we might get that rumored new age Hart Foundation.

John Morrison to Smackdown
Aside from Kennedy, this was definitely the biggest move of the day. Morrison got pretty much everything he needed out of his stint in ECW and is ready to step back up to the bigger shows.

Natalya to ECW
Again, another Chavo situation, I thought she was already on ECW? Oh well, with her, Tyson Kidd and DH Smith all on the same show, Hart Foundation 2.0 is pretty much all but confirmed at this point.

Festus to Raw
Seems like a very odd move and it's especially worrying for Jesse who I fear will be left out in the cold by himself. I just don't see where Festus fits in on Raw, there's definitely potential hilarity with him and Santino or maybe we'll get a Festus & Hornswoggle duo!

Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown
I personally can't wait for "Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler," followed by a Tombstone.

The Brian Kendrick to Raw
Not sure how I feel about this one. I was excited about the possibility of Kendrick reestablishing himself on ECW, but now he's on the A-show? The problem with Kendrick on Raw is it's just so crowded and I fear he'll got lost in the shuffle... I have a feeling he'll continue to be the most under-utilized talent in all of WWE.

Charlie Haas to Smackdown
Possible reunion with Shelton Benjamin? If they're rebuilding the tag division, I'm all for that, but I'm also in favor of Haas keeping up his impersonator gimmick. Hey, maybe him and Jesse can team up on the Island of Misfit Tag Teams?

Hurricane Helms to ECW
Oh hell yeah. While Kennedy and Morrison were the biggest names moved in the Supplemental Draft, I think Hurricane Helms to ECW has potential to be the best move of the entire day. ECW is exactly the place where Hurricane needs to be to revitalize his career and I can't wait to see him lock up with guys like Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd.

Overall, a pretty underwhelming draft that started out horrifying and ended up not really changing much. ECW definitely got what it needed after only receiving one pick on Monday, but Raw and Smackdown just seemed to shuffle around guys that are rarely on TV in the first place. We'll see how it all turns out when it goes into effect this Monday on Raw.

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