Monday, April 20, 2009

Kick-Out's Raw Thoughts - April 20, 2009

Wow, that was a pretty big Raw, which shouldn't be too surprising since they always put on a big show for the London crowds. I'm sure the internet will explode with complaints about how the Draft wasn't in effect tonight and thus WWE has "devalued" the brand split (whatever that means), but I do have to question the timing of doing the Draft last week. Coming off WrestleMania and going into the European tour, it's given WWE this frenetic pace that's allowed for little time to promote Backlash, which is less than six days away. We're now up to five matches scheduled for the PPV, but I suppose with ECW, Superstars and Smackdown still to air, they've got time. All that in mind, let's take a look at tonight's Raw!

Chris Jericho's farewell address was your standard anti-fan rant, but out of nowhere, Ricky Steamboat interrupts to set up a match between the two at Backlash! Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat one-on-one? I've been asking for it since I started Kick-Out!! Wrestling, maybe WWE stumbled upon the site? John Cena makes an appearance and is welcomed by a chorus of boos from the London crowd. He tells Jericho that they're going at it tonight.

Poor Chavo Guerrero. Chavo gets destroyed by Batista, crowd goes wild. You know, I'm not the world's biggest Davetista! fan, so can someone explain to me why John Cena gets booed for being "stale," while Batista still gets enormous reactions despite doing the exact same shtick since 2005? Cena puts on way more memorable matches and is the biggest star in the company's history besides Hogan and Austin, yet he gets booed and Batista gets cheered. I don't get it.

Two of Smackdown's newest stars, CM Punk and Kane, put on a forgettable and quick match, but Punk comes out on top after a surprise roll-up. Another Raw farewell match and probably just a reason to get them both on TV this week. Served its purpose.

Santino Marella's poorly timed "interview" with his sister was amusing, but far from his greatest comedic moments. I'm sure all kinds of hijinks will ensue on Friday when SantinA is forced to kiss The Great Khali.

The Glamazon and Melina had a decent match, but they had a hard match to follow up after Gail Kim and Maryse put on a fantastic match on Smackdown last Friday. Obviously, Melina successfully defends the Women's Championship since the Diva's Title is now on Raw, I'm wondering where this will leave Beth Phoenix. Obviously Maryse is the top heel Diva, could we be seeing a Glamazon face turn once she disposes of Santino?

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho was definitely match of the night, only marred by the DQ ending, but the two still tore the house down. Wish they would've had Edge interfere while the ref was distracted so Jericho could steal the win, but I understand why they went with the ending they did considering how the main event played out. Much like last week's awesome match between Evan Bourne and John Morrison, you need to see this one. I'd say it's Cena and Jericho's best match against each other, tons of near falls, big moves, high drama... watch this match!

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio was just uncomfortable. It's bad enough that Big Show outweighs Mysterio by two Rey Mysterios, but whenever I see these two in the ring, I always think back to that time Big Show had Mysterio on that backboard and swung him like a baseball bat. Luckily, nothing that disgusting tonight, but Big Show did hold Rey like a small animal and then punched him in the face. Not pretty.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H was the match we should've got at WrestleMania. The No DQ stip let them go at it and not be held back, and unsurprisingly, they delivered a damn good match. Orton's win keeps the heat on the six-man tag at Backlash and the continued issues between Shane-O-Mac and Batista could boil over at the PPV. I can really see the match going either way at this point, but more on that when I do my Backlash predictions later in the week.

Very good Raw, especially with Cena/Jericho and Orton/HHH being given ample time to put on stellar matches. Good advancement for the big feuds, but the lower guys obviously aren't going to get much attention until after Backlash. It understandable, they did what they needed to do to put on a huge show for our friends across the pond.

No William Regal though? C'mon, you're in England! Maybe with the Draft not in full effect, he'll show up on one of the other three shows this week. I just feel bad for the guys who have to be in Ireland on Friday then in Rhode Island on Sunday for Backlash. It'll be a busy next few days for sure. And don't forget to check back at Kick-Out!! Wrestling throughout the remainder of this busy week for my thoughts on the remaining shows as well as my complete predictions for Backlash!

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  1. Cena the biggest star in the company's history other than Hogan and Austin? What about HHH or HBK or even Undertaker.