Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kick-Out's ECW Thoughts - April 7, 2009

I'll keep this short and sweet since there wasn't a whole lot going on this week. As I expected, pretty much a placeholder show going into next week's draft, but we got a little storyline progression, so that's nice.

Josh Matthews?! Agh! I could not stand Matthews when he did commentary for Velocity, he sounded like every commentator you hear on bad YouTube videos for independent promotions, but I got to admit, he was alright tonight. Matt Striker was the bigger annoyance, getting in another needless reminder that he votes Republican. Hey Striker, the little bug in the corner of the screen says "Sci-Fi," not "Fox News Channel."

Tiffany is the interim GM of ECW (hopefully "interim" means six days) and announces the Championship Chase leading up to Backlash. I'm happy that Teddy Long is back in his rightful place as General Manager of Smackdown, he was always good in that role. Really, I'm just happy that I'll get to hear "Playa, tonight you're goin' one on one with... THE UNDATAKAH!" once again.

Kicking off the in-ring action with a six-man tag between Carlito, Primo and Evan Bourne taking on The Miz, John Morrison and Tyson Kidd, and it delivered. I would've liked to see more from Tyson Kidd, but other than that, the match was great for free TV. Hopefully neither the Colón Bros. or Miz & Morrison get split up in the Draft as Josh Matthews mentioned was a possibility about four dozen times; they're the only credible teams in WWE right now and if they're serious about rebuilding the division with these unified titles, they'll need them both.

Lots and lots of recap videos for Raw and WrestleMania.

And then the main event, a Fatal Fourway between Finlay, Tommy Dreamer, Christian and Mark Henry, whoever takes the fall is out of the Championship Chase. Not really much to write home about in this match, but I'm not expecting much out of three guys who just had the holy hell beat out of them in the greatest Money in the Bank ladder match ever, just 48 hours prior. I liked the Doomsday Device fakeout into a victory roll spot, and the triple suplex on Mark Henry was pretty cool as well. Thankfully, The World's Strongest Man took the fall in this one and that means a Triple Threat next week between The Belfast Bruiser, The Innovator of Violence and Captain Charisma, any of whom would make better opponents for Jack Swagger at Backlash. Personally, I'm hoping for Christian so he can get a run with the ECW Title, but maybe we could get the ball rolling on Dreamer's chase for the belt as well and perhaps Finlay could redeem himself after the poor outing with the champ at No Way Out.

The main event makes it fairly obvious none of the three potential challengers will be getting drafted on Monday, or maybe that's what WWE wants us to think... you never know after the craziness that was last year's draft. What would be cool would be if Swagger got drafted with the ECW Title and Tommy Dreamer was ECW's last hope to get its title back, giving him one last run with the belt before his contract runs out in June. Maybe a last hurrah of sorts at the Extreme Rules PPV? Just a thought.

ECW continues to be the place to be every week for top notch wrestling. No frills, no heavy storylines, just
the best wrestling show on television right now. Even if there are only two matches per week, they're consistently good and given ample time, can't complain about that.

Make sure to continue stopping by Kick-Out!! Wrestling this week for frequent updates and don't miss out this Thursday, I'll be offering up my predictions for the upcoming WWE Draft!


  1. ....I still think Undertaker is getting drafted over to RAW so you won't hear that line after Friday.

  2. That would make me very sad. But you're right, it's been seven years, it's highly possible that Taker is moving to Raw.

  3. I have to agree that ECW seems to have the best matches every week out of WWE's three shows. Since I DVR the show to watch after the wife goes to bed, I can zip through it in about half an hour, getting past the recycled recaps and just enjoying the good young (or not so young...Finlay's the f'n man) talent on the ECW roster.

    Maybe it's just me, though, but it is highly difficult to take seriously a GM who has only one name.

    I enjoy watching Evan Bourne, but I can't get really excited about any kind of future for him, as he simply seems like the new-age Billy Kidman.

    And finally, yes, breaking up either the Colons or the Dirt Sheet boys would be creatively bankrupt. Carlito, Miz, and Morrison have all had their chances as singles, but have truly found a niche as tag team specialists. Their buildup to Mania was the best of any storyline going, IMO. And boo to no Bella Twins on ECW. Keep 'em comin', Razor.