Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kick-Out's Backlash Predictions

Backlash is just four days away and it looks like the final card is going to have just six matches. WWE PPVs have been somewhat unpredictable as of late, so I wouldn't be surprised if something else gets added last minute or a match gets changed, but I'm operating under the assumption that things will happen as scheduled. Hopefully I can redeem myself after my abysmal WrestleMania predictions.

CM Punk vs. Kane is hyping this one by playing up the finish of the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania where CM Punk won after repeatedly kicking Kane in the face. I hope this match continues the tradition of kicking Kane in the face, and CM Punk comes out on top. There's no reason for Punk to lose this match, so the only hard part about predicting this match should be whether or not I think Punk can actually hit Kane with the Go To Sleep.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy - I Quit Match
With both brothers on separate shows, this match should be the end to a feud that I personally wish never happened. I Quit matches usually favor the face, unless the heel uses some dastardly tactic like threatening the good guy's friend, so I'm going with Jeff Hardy to finally get a win over Matt. I wouldn't be surprised if Matt gets in a cheap shot after the match though.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
I really can't thank WWE enough for giving us this match. Give these two enough time and there's potential for this to be the sleeper hit of the show. Match could go either way, Steamboat is an old school veteran and would obviously put Jericho over, but this could also be The Dragon's proper final match and a win would be one of those classic wrestling moments. I'll go with Ricky Steamboat simply for that reason.

Jack Swagger © vs. Christian - ECW Championship
Swagger got a monster push out of the gate, but was it a case of too much too soon? I think Swagger's momentum slows down here and Christian gets his first top singles title in WWE. There's a strong possibility this match will be a defining moment in where the careers of both of these men go, so I expect them to pull out all the stops as well.

Triple H ©, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Legacy - WWE Championship
As I said a few weeks back, I hate top titles being defended in multi-man matches, but at least this one makes sense considering everyone's history with Orton. This is probably the hardest match of the night to predict, but I'll go out on a limb and say Randy Orton leaves Backlash as WWE Champion. My guess (my hope) is that with Judgment Day being in Chicago next month, CM Punk will cash in the Money in the Bank in his hometown against Randy Orton to get revenge for what happened at last year's Unforgiven and take the WWE Title to Smackdown.
Bonus prediction: Batista turns heel.

John Cena © vs. Edge - World Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing Match
If Orton's team doesn't win, then Edge is walking out World Champion to take a title to Smackdown. That said, I don't see them putting the belt right back on Edge after he just dropped it to Cena and I don't think Punk would cash in MITB against Cena or Triple H, so I'll stay consistent and predict John Cena retains the title. This is also my prediction for match of the night.

Please feel free to leave your predictions in the comments section below and don't forget to vote in the Backlash poll to the right of your screen. Given the last few PPVs, Edge could very well find a way to walk out of the PPV with the World Heavyweight Title and the WWE Title!


  1. Punk v. Kane--I can't help but feel like the clock is ticking for the whole "no Money in the Bank winner has failed to win the championship" trend. That said, Punk wins here, and probably quite decisively, to set him up for a title shot, likely against Randy Orton, at Judgment Day. Which he will then proceed to lose.

    Jeff v. Matt--I agree that Jeff takes this one, especially after Matt's "clean sweep" comment last week.

    Jericho v. Steamboat--I guess I can see Jericho losing on a shock rollup or something, and then completely ENDING Steamboat in a post-match beating that makes his attack on Flair look like a game of ring-around-the-rosie at a Sunday school picnic. Don't really WANT to see it, but I can see it. Still picking Jericho, though.

    Swagger v. Christian--Christian wins it and sets up a nice feud with Kozlov. Hell, Kozlov will probably come in and crush Christian after this match, anyway.

    HHH/Batista/Shane v. Legacy--Yes, Orton walks out of the match with the title, and I've been thinking that it'll be due to a heel turn by Shane instead of Batista. But, if I truly look ahead, I have to wonder just how much Shane wants to wrestle this year, because if he turns here, we're almost guaranteed him v. Hunter at Judgment Day...that is, if Punk decides to go after Orton for the title in Chi-town. If there are no turns, I'm still seeing shenanigans to give us HHH v. Orton at JD...possibly in the Cell?

    Edge v. Cena--Cena would seem likely to keep it, since I'm not sure Creative's too worried about keeping both titles on Raw for the time being. If Edge does win, then I'd look for Punk to challenge him at JD instead of Orton. That said, I'd still pick Cena for now.

    Really, this is one of those PPV's that looks quite predictable, so let's see what they'll do to cross us all up.

  2. I am enraged by the existence of the Punk/Kane match, and yes, it's more of a irrational sort of hate. I've seen that match in particular a million times over the last year, however, and I don't understand the point now.

    But it's all balanced out by the sudden Jericho/Steamboat match, which will be wonderful and probably a candidate for match of the show.

    Punk, Jeff (even with all the bull about the contract stuff), Jericho, Swagger, Legacy, Edge

  3. Yeah, I really don't get the addition of the Punk/Kane match aside from "crap, we only have five matches scheduled, what do we do?!"

    They should not be struggling to fill out a PPV since they started tri-branding them.

  4. On the Kane front, it really seems like they ran out of ideas for the Big Red Machine. Somebody call Pete Rose.

    As far as the championship match, I too really don't like the multi-man matches. I think it devalues the value of an already devalued belt. Batista turning heel would be very refreshing. I'd like to see that, but I think it's Shane that's going to do the turn.