Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kick-Out's Backlash 2009 Review

Wow, I'm still reeling a bit from that ending, but Backlash is officially over and I'm not exactly sure what to think of it. There was some stuff I liked and there was some stuff I really didn't like:

Christian vs. Jack Swagger may be my personal highlight of the night because Christian's return has been solidified with an ECW Championship reign! These two exceeded my expectations for this match and didn't just put on a good match, they put on a hell of a match. The clever ending reminded me of vintage Eddie Guerrero, which was a nice touch. A great match, a fun ending and Christian is now a top champion in WWE, nothing to complain about here. And how awesome was the backstage segment between Christian and Edge? I have a feeling it won't be the last time we see them trade words.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat wasn't quite the sleeper hit I was hoping for, but both men put on a good performance and deserve to be commended. Steamboat was on fire once again and if this is his last time lacing up the boots, he couldn't have had a better opponent. I should've went with my gut in my predictions and picked Jericho, it was the most logical way to end the feud. Jericho can close the book on his battle with the legends and move onto Smackdown and Steamboat still got his standing ovation after the match.

Kane vs. CM Punk was one of the things I didn't like about tonight. To be perfectly clear, I REALLY didn't like it. The match itself was good, better than I thought it would be considering Kane was in it, but the finish was completely stupid. I'm not the kind of guy to be an armchair booker, but I see absolutely no logic in putting Kane over CM Punk. Seriously, when was the last time Kane was relevant? 2005? I honestly cannot think of a guy that is more stale than Kane right now and him beating the Money in the Bank winner just seems counter-productive. Lame.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy brought the goods in terms of match quality, but once again continued to be just uncomfortable. When Jeff started tying his brother up and looking for stuff under the ring, I saw that big container of water bottles and was seriously horrified at what Jeff was going to do. You know how sometimes WWE likes to make a situation really uncomfortable like when Muhammed Hassan attacked The Undertaker or JBL beat up Hornswoggle? Well, for a minute there, I thought Jeff was going to waterboard Matt... I need to stop watching the news. Thankfully that did not happen and Jeff got the win, hopefully this will be the end of the feud.

Khali's Kiss Cam with Santina was just embarrassing. The less said, the better.

Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Legacy wasn't a bad match, but I knew shenanigans were going to happen when Orton spent the first ten minutes of the match backstage. Sometimes when WWE tries to be confusing, they just make the situation all the more predictable, when Orton went missing, I knew he was going to wind up champ. I was hoping for the Davetista! heel turn, but I suppose the ending they went with worked. At least Orton got the pin on Triple H, because if he would've beat Shane McMahon to win the WWE Title, it would've really cast a black cloud over his reign. With Triple H taking the Punt, can that please put an end to the Orton/McMahon saga for awhile? Orton vs. Batista is fine and I know we'll eventually get the Triple H quest for vengeance, but I need a HHH vs. Orton break.

Edge vs. John Cena was unsurprisingly match of the night as I suspected, but it feels a little bittersweet. What was the point of Cena winning the belt at Mania only to drop it right back? When it comes to Edge, they are bouncing these titles around way too much, this is his fourth reign since November! That's pretty ridiculous. That gripe out of the way, the match itself was awesome and the finish was brutally cool. I'm sure the smarks will whine that it was prop glass or the explosion was over the top, but that was a sick bump no matter how you slice it. I would not want to be thrown into that awkward position and then have things explode right behind me. Oh, and how crazy was Cena Attitude Adjusting Edge into the crowd?! There's something you don't see everyday in WWE. I suspect Cena will be out for a bit to sell the injuries and then a feud with Big Show is on tap for when he's healed, but how badass does Show look right now? Monday he crushes Rey Mysterio, Friday he obliterates The Undertaker and Sunday he throws John Cena into a spotlight. That's how you make a monster.

Also, did you notice CM Punk out there to check on John Cena? Judgment Day is in Chicago, he has MITB, and Edge has the World Title, the same guy he beat for it last year... pieces of the puzzle falling into place, perhaps?

The Bad: Kane winning made zero sense, I'm not a fan of Randy Orton, so him as WWE Champ does nothing for me, and I hate the titles being hot potatoed all over the place. I'm not usually one to harp on things like title prestige, but they need to get the situation under control with both the World Title and the WWE Title, because they've been bounced around like pinballs since the end of 2008.

The Good: Christian winning was awesome, I Quit hopefully ended the Hardy feud, Ricky Steamboat's return to the ring is such a feel-good story, and Edge vs. Cena was arguably the best Last Man Standing match in WWE history. Also
I went 3 for 6 in my predictions, which is definitely better than my abysmal 2 for 9 at WrestleMania, so that's a personal plus.

It had its ups and downs, so I'll have to say the final verdict on Backlash 2009 is thumbs in the middle. Probably better than the disappointing Royal Rumble and No Way Out PPVs, but nowhere near as good as WrestleMania 25. Hopefully with the Draft going into effect tomorrow, WWE will get back on track after a cluttered last few weeks.


  1. I just checked out the results on, and Randy Orton has a new nickname: "The Viper". Just read the article, because they're pushing it to amusing results.

  2. They've been calling him "viper-esque" for awhile when he slithers around before The RKO, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's his new official nickname and they move beyond "Legend Killer." Jericho has pretty much been doing the legend killer shtick lately anyway, so that makes sense.

    But yeah, that article is hilarious, calling him "The Viper" five times in one story? They're definitely pushing that one... must be a t-shirt in the works.